Sunday, December 04, 2011

ornament swap and classes in 2012

I have patiently been watching this stack grow for the last 
couple of weeks.
My friend, Deryn Mentock, asked me to (step in) participate in the annual 
Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament Swap,
as she recuperates from what sounds like excruciating shoulder pain.
I was sad (for her) yet thrilled she asked me to be a part of it, 
as I have watched from afar each year as she opened the swap ornaments, one by one, from 11 or sometimes 12, very talented artists...
Ruth Rae
  Maija Lepore
  Kelly Snelling
Joanna Pierotti
Pilar Pollack
Jackie Allison
  Crystal Neubauer
 Sally Turlington
 Lou McCulloch
Danita Salcido
 Deryn Mentock
So now, I am anxiously waiting for tomorrow,
as that's the day the group decided to begin opening the ornaments this year!
*(I will be posting pics each day)*
Soon after I had my 12 ornaments out the door, I began reminiscing on the past year.
My husband and I crisscrossed the United States, 
as I taught at quite a variety of venues,
finding out that after teaching at the last retreat in September....
....I needed a little rest =)
Well, that lasted for about 2 weeks....or less.
I began working on preliminary details for a couple of online classes 
that I will be teaching next summer at 
Two of my favorite classes,
Etched and Layered Cuffs


You can be sure that I'll be packing in as much information in these two classes
as I possibly can!
On another note, for the first time in over 15 years,
I was able to get our Christmas tree up by December 1st!
It felt great hanging the ornaments I've pulled out of boxes for more years than I can count.
This little snowman was made by my Melanie 
(who is 36 today~HaPpY BirThDAy Mel) 
 in elementary school....*sigh*.
I love decorating for Christmas, and always vow I will do it earlier.  But, I must admit,
it is just not that fun climbing up into the attic and pulling out way more boxes of decorations than are needed.  Yes, I have some culling to do.
Which I will finally do, in January =)
Now, onto more class details for 2012.
I have been on the phone and emailing potential teachers for the
Spring and Fall art retreats at The Prairie.
As mentioned in my earlier post, Deryn Mentock and I will be teaching in the Spring.
Three days of classes.  Special after hours activities.  And MORE.
The lovely Karen Valentine is busy working away on our new site.
Details will continue to trickle in as they develop.
And finally,
I've been busy working on a new class that will debut at The Prairie.
 Just can't get enough of it.
See you tomorrow.


In the Light of the Moon said...

My oldest turned 14 and youngest turned 10...less and less of the handmade ornies.Makes me blue,but then again I look at all the memories that hang on the tree and I am so blessed and thankful.How very exciting for you with all your amazing classes!! You are a dear inspiration to me sweet Diane.
Looking forward to all the ornies!!Big Hugs,Cat

Diana said... much eye candy, a girl can hardly stand it! Can't wait to see your ornaments from all those talented ladies. And your "Impressions" class looks amazing!

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Oooh what a lovely stack of packages! And your cuffs are truly works of art, so incredibly beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing your ornaments... and to seeing more pics of your tree I hope? :) My children are 5, 4, and 21 months... I'm thinking we will be trying to make ornaments this year. Must be time, right?

Shirley said...

Oohh, can't wait to see the ornaments! Love those bracelets!

Seth said...

How very exciting Diane that you are participating in the swap. I remember the amazing ornaments from the last several years. I look forward to seeing the posts. Have fun opening the packages.

Charlene said...

I can't wait to see the ornaments! And our sweet Mel turning 36?????????? HOW can that be? My Sean turns 35 on DEC 17. What were we thinking having these December babies??? HUGS!

Daryl said...

Happy Birthday Mel.. your mom rocks

your melanie said...

Yes!, Auntie Charlene, for me and Sean, December really is the 'most wonderful time of the year!' ;) And, for reals!, how can this be?!?! (Thank you for your sweet b/d messages, btw! Xo!!) And thank you, Daryl. Yes. she. does.!!!

Jenny @ Faith + Pearl said...

Oh Diane! I am really excited about this class in April!!! Just told my hubby that can be my birthday present!!! Can't wait for more info!!