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Friday, March 27, 2009

Art in the Park

This weekend I will be in Orange, Texas.
I have been feverously designing perfect pieces to sell at the
7th Annual Art in the Park.
"Vintage Chandelier Drop Necklace"
I am so fortunate to know a wonderful Etsy seller, Donna; who contacted me after seeing the "Vintage Rose Drop" necklace on the front of Belle Armoire Jewelry. She had an exact duplicate of the beautiful vintage art deco faux turquoise necklace! I had used all of the pieces from the first necklace, bought in Warrenton last Spring, so this was wonderful news. I designed this piece using a vintage chandelier drop. It will be at the sale in Orange!
These will also be there.
A pair of Czech glass and faceted smokey quartz dangles.

"Ruby Sister's"
Another piece from my sister's series, this one features a deconstructed vintage rhinestone necklace, that has lucious ruby colored rhinestones. I added faceted crystal quartz beads, and a dash of faceted garnets. And, one of my original charms. The dangle has a wrapped Swarovski crystal, and a ruby red piece from the rhinestone necklace.

I pray you have a blessed weekend.
I will have more of my Santa Fe photos next week!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Leaving Ruidoso

A girl from my part of Texas rarely sees peaks such as these. Coming out of the town of Ruidoso, on the way to Albuquerque, was so beautiful. The rain was a blessing, as they hadn't seen any precipitation in over 70 days.
As the rain slowly stopped, we were able to see more of the Siarra Blanca mountain range. Then, we passed thru the Valley of Fires.
This valley has miles of buckled, twisted lava, that is said to be up to 50 meters thick and over 45 miles long. It originated from several volcanoes, including one vent now known as Little Black Peak. These fields are actually closer to a small town called Carrizozo. The lava is called the Malpais, which is Spanish for "badlands".
Then, we stopped by a trading post, chocked full of primitive decor.

Everyone needs a milagro or two~or three.

Look at the worm holes in this candle holder. I intended on buying it before I left, but completely forgot! Oh well, I will see plenty in a couple of weeks at the antique show in Warrenton. Now on to Corrales, where we will spend the night, before we head into Santa Fe.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Veranda Inn

Since I have been gone on vacation for over a week, I decided to share my trip to Santa Fe in several different posts. As I look over the pictures (I took 488!) I feel just as excited as if I were there and my trip is taking place all over again. My husband and I really enjoy traveling, and my hope is that you enjoy sharing my experiences with me.
This is a peek at our first stop in Fort Davis, Texas. We specifically went there to experience the McDonald Observatory. It is a wonderful place to visit ~ even on an overcast night! It sits at approximately 6,800 feet above sea level, which is perfect for viewing the heavens. Not only did we look at the surface of the moon thru their 107-inch telescope, but I got my first glimpse of Saturn. And, seeing satellites are easier than you think by going to to Heavens-Above. Simply by putting in your coordinates (using your address), you can see amazing things in the beautiful night skies. I must say this was one of the highlights of our trip for both my husband & I.
This was taken on our trip up the beautiful winding road to the observatory.
The Veranda Inn Historic Inn Bed & Breakfast Fort Davis, Texas

A few shots more..this time of the beautiful redbud trees blooming in the courtyard of The Veranda. I didn't want to leave.

We really live in a beautiful country, AND I feel so blessed to live in the wonderful state of Texas.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Muse

Tomorrow I will begin three days of classes I signed up to take at Bead Fest. The first will be a Metal Clay class with Susan Lewis. Friday will be the Rings, Relics and Prong Settings class with Susan Lenart Kazmer; that afternoon a Basic Fusing class with Liz Jones. Saturday I will finish with Sherri Haab, as I take Image Transfers & Color on Metal Clay.
Today we walked around the historic square, taking in all the sights & sounds of downtown Santa Fe, which included visiting the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. I also went into Mama's Minerals, a cool little bead shop; as well as a great stamp shop called StampaFe Art Stamps. They had a great selection of Frida stamps!
I have alot of photos that I have taken along the road on our way to Santa Fe, and will share them with you when I return home. We have traveled almost 1,300 miles on this trip, and it has been a blast.
Last night I added a soldered charm of my little muse to my Bead Fest necklace. She is always with me. I've told you before, her picture sits on my desk in my work space at home. If I believed in good luck, she would be my lucky charm. But, I don't. I do believe in blessings, and this trip is one for me. My little muse is just along for the ride.
I look forward to the new techniques I will be learning on this trip, and pray I will always be a teachable student. I will share all the details when I get home, you can be sure!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Bead Fest Santa Fe

" Tricked Out Name Tag"

parts from a: vintage rhinestone choker &
rhinestone bracelet

faceted crystal quartz

bali sterling silver
oxidized sterling silver wire

"creamy" bupioni silk

I am off to Bead Fest Santa Fe!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I finished a new piece for my friend, Meg Wolf. There is no doubt that Meg Believes! Go see what a remarkable woman she is. You will be inspired.
My own mother had breast cancer last year. It was detected early, and thru the remarkable doctors she saw at M.D. Anderson, in the Houston Medical Center, she did not have to endure chemotherapy. She did take a full load of radiation, which I believe was 27 visits. But, I thank God He gave me more time with her.
Do you see the gorgeous jewelry folder underneath the necklace? It was made by my talented friend, Colette Copeland. Her work is just beautiful!
This past weekend was so gorgeous, I decided my disintegration collaboration package needed to be moved into a more "open" space in my backyard. An area where more of the elements could alter my paper bundle. I bought this wonderful old garden gate in the Big White Tent, at the Round Top Antique Festival, on one of the very first trips I made to the festival. I believe that was about 13 years ago. It has been rusting nicely. I hope some of it gets on my bundle!

Another finished Crystal Princess~this one made for Meg's daughter's 19th Birthday. And, a dainty pair of vintage rhinestone swings! Everyone must have a pair of swings!