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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


:adolph & josie:
This is a picture that includes my mother's father and mother.
They stand together on the right side of this photo.
Before two weeks ago, I had never even seen this picture.
I absolutely love it.
The only picture I have of my grandmother when she was young, is the one you see up on  the right top corner of my blog header.
This picture is an example of everything I love about old pictures and cabinet cards.
It has that look that only vintage pictures have about them.
That eerie dark pearly glow.  
Yes, this picture fits the bill perfectly.
It is not faded, but is still crisp and clear.
But, I am the one who always wants to know more.   More about the details.
Like, how old are my grandparents here?
I e-mailed back, asking my second cousin who shared it with me, 
"Do you know any details about this photo?"
"Sorry"...she said.  
The only thing her mother told her, is that it was the other couple's wedding day. 
Oh, well...it really doesn't matter.
What does matter, is that I now have it in my possession.
I am so thankful. 
So as I begin to take a closer look at the photo.  I stare at their feet.   
I look at their shoes. 
They look like they have walked a many a mile don't they?  
All except my grandmother's.
Did you notice how two of the four are curling their feet?
I notice things like that.
Always have.
My cousin sent one more picture.
The description:  
"Josie on Grandpa Charlie's buggy".
I have no clue who Grandpa Charlie might be, as he is not my Grandpa...
or my Great-Grandpa.
Thankfulness floods my soul.  
My eyes begin to burn, and I try not to cry.
My Grandmother has been gone for over 23 years.
I don't think I ever heard her complain.  If she did, I do not remember.
I miss her.  
I am thankful ....
I have these pictures.
Thankful I had a Grandmother who loved me, and I her.  
Yes, thankful.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a class with mary hetts

I had the privilege of taking a class with Mary Hettmansperger about a week ago at Wired Designs Studio in San Antonio.
It could not have been more convenient, or more FUN!
It was one very full day, learning her method of working with 
metal & wire.  
I decided I did not have to finish the project, 
but instead focus on the process of:
:wire weaving:
When I signed up for class, I also asked my great friend Charlene to join me, knowing she would love be exposed to the torch!  Right Charlene??  LOL.
Mary was so patient, and really took so much time with each and everyone of us.
That's the beauty of a small class, as we had less than ten that particular day.
After it was all said and done, Charlene left class as a master with fire!
"two peas in a pod"
Lookie what Charlene designed with us in mind, 
using the techniques Mary taught in class.
While in San Antonio, Mary taught four days of classes~two mixed metal (which we took) and two mixed metal and clay~all were FULL.
She has a great new book, which was released earlier this year.
Charlene and I had a great time together, staying with my daughter while in San Antonio.
The next day we traveled to a restaurant that Charlene loves and had suggested.
If you ever have the opportunity, you really should try it, as it is just gorgeous and full of San Antonio history, great food and MORE!
This was the home of C.H.Guenther, the founder of 
Pioneer Flour Mills, built in 1860.
And, where you can find goodies such as these!
Pecan Nut Rolls
Which sold out way before we even ate breakfast that morning. 
What fun we had!
I was go glad Melanie came along with us.
It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend =)
 BTW....just in case you didn't know, this is how snowmen look in Texas!  

Monday, November 08, 2010

{Echo} Week 25 - Homestead

" Sugarcane on the Prairie"
I have a good friend named Agnes.  You may remember her from the Marburger Farm post.  She is a most talented lady who owns a business called Wilde Weedze.  Agnes  grows  a beautiful assortment of flowers, ornamental grasses, trees, and more.......all located in and around her home.   She is also an antiques dealer, who has a great space in Nothing Ordinary Antiques & Oddities, in Bellville, Texas.
She and her husband Michael own a 72 acre farm on the Katy Prairie.  The property, which at that time was about 1,100 acres, was purchased by Michael's great-grandfather H.F. Granau.  Later Michael's grandmother, Lottie Strauss, inherited the property, then passing a portion of it down to Michael.  Agnes & Michael now own 72 acres of the original property, and have lived there for 25 years.  They raise healthy fat Texas cattle,  but during the 1970s, like much of the Prairie, rice was raised in most of this area, 
as well as corn in the 1990s.
This part of Texas is also part of my life, as I too live on the Prairie, just much closer to Houston, in the small growing larger, town of Katy.  The unincorporated parcels of the Prairie, continues to be home to all things that the Katy Prairie Conservancy is trying to save, which includes native quail, dove, deer, and of course, geese (in season).
In autumn, just after the huge rice crops have been harvested, the Katy Prairie become the site of one of the most incredible natural spectacles in North America, as thousands, then millions of migratory birds arrive~especially waterfowl.  For most of them, the Katy Prairie is a winter home until March, when they return to nesting in the upper Midwest and Canada.  Others use the Prairie as a staging area on their way south, or may choose to remain here for the entire year.
Be sure and check out Susan & Chrysti's diptych for this echo prompt, and look for more pictures from the group here
I must say......this was one of my favorite prompts to date!

Monday, November 01, 2010

just saying

I spend most of my time as a minimalist in my jewelry designs.
 I feel safe there.
That is what I “believe”.
 But, I do continue to “explore”.
As there are always so many more possibilities.
Kate shared this video. 
Simply captivating.
Next month come “explore” with me.

More details can be found here.