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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


How can I pick the one to start my jewelry shop? I have been a little sluggish in placing my jewelry on the RJ's Jewelry Shop link, but PLEASE bear with me! I am getting there!

Contact me if you have questions! I do have all my jewelry on Kodak Gallery. Or contact me at rosajosies@yahoo.com - I have lots of pictures!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I love the cold weather!

Because I know not far behind, I will see my camilla and christmas cactus bloom! The camilla was planted by the previous home owner (thanks Molly!), and the christmas cactus was my Aunt Susie's (thanks for giving it to me Mom!) They are so beautiful right now.....

.....did I say I love the cold weather!

There's more than deer huntin' to do....

Deer Hunting is so much more than sitting in the stand! Sometimes it calls for a little action on the ground. Friday, November 24th was a cool crisp morning, with a bit too much fog. We enjoyed our time in the "High Stand", watching all the beautiful bucks and does eating the corn. I must say we have done much more watching than shooting for the last 10 years!

But later that day, it warmed up quite a bit-as is most usual in South Texas.....but on our way back to camp, after taking care of some projects, stretched out across the road, sunning, was a VERY LARGE RATTLESNAKE. Well, Poncho "Allen" Cook got out of the Bronco, pulled his trusty pistol, which is a single-action 44 Magnum with a 7-1/2" barrell, loaded with snake shot, and took care of this quail-eating machine.

In total we saw 3 of these same size rattlers this weekend. I say it was 3 too many!

For The Love of A Sister!

I love it when my sister, Debbie e-mails me....."Can you make a bracelet & earrings to match this necklace?'' Well, of course I can! With a little help from my friend, Nancy. I "put together" this set for Debbie to take to Las Vegas in December! Most of the beads came from Peru, and the red coral came from a shop in San Antonio. They always say the hunt is more fun than the kill. I am here to tell you that is the truth!

A Celebration of Life!

How can you put a lifetime of memories out on just one table? Or celebrate on just one occasion? Well the Hoelscher and extended family members, tried to on November 18th, 2006, when they hosted a Celebration of Life Party for 4 very special people. This is their Granny and Grandpa, Uncle and Aunt, Great Aunt and/or Great Uncle. Music played, friends and family came and went, food was served and speeches were made. This was a time to honor Edwin & Glenora Hoelscher and Alton & Willie Mae Koehl. They have lived lives full of family, friends, work and play. It was a surprise party, and they looked like they really enjoyed all the fuss made over them-every single minute of it! I snapped one big picture of the family, and then the table which held some of the things that has meant most to them. On one side there was Willie Mae's accordian and Alton's hard hat he wore while working the gravel pit in Columbus, Texas. And then on the other side of the table, we see Grandpa's (Edwin's) Texaco & MG Feed Caps, and his Sunday-Go-To-Meetin' Black Hat. Granny (Glenora) was represented here as well, with the sun bonnet she wears while working with the plants that she loves. She is really admired for her talent for gardening!

Congratulations to 4 people who may think they don't have much - but in fact are so, so rich, because they have so many people who love and care about them!

Voted Best Bakery In San Antonio

Happiness lies, first of all, in health.
G.W. Curtis, Lotus-Eating: Trenton

The first weekend in November, I went to San Antonio to visit Melanie. (I missed her!) About 3 pm we were starving to death, from all that shopping! Melanie had a great idea for lunch. I love out of the way, one of a kind places like this! http://www.josephs-storehouse.net
We ate the only soup of the day that was left (it was late for lunch) & divided a HUGE sandwich. Oh, and she also ordered a salad. This was way too much food for the both of us! Here are the items we ordered, and you MUST try them:
Fresh Spinach Salad (Fresh leafy spinach & freshstrawberries topped with toasted almonds & homemade Poppy Seed Dressing),
Jalepano Pimento Cheese Sandwich (Tradition with a twist! Grated cheddar, jack cheese, jalapeƱos, pimentos, mayo, lettuce & tomato served on whole grain bread)
and we each
had a cup of delicious soup -
Spinach & Wild Rice!
We had such a great time together. We always do.
God must surely love me - to give a daughter like you to me! Thanks for loving me so much!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Can You Say Banana Pudding?

Every holiday or special event, I am asked to make MY Banana Pudding! First, let me say-THANK YOU FOR ASKING! I love to make it, but just so you know, it is not my original creation. I have my ex-director, Faye Christopher, to thank for that, but.....it is MINE now and everyone loves it (not counting my Dad who will always love the old-fashion kind....cookin' the puddin' for 2 hours...?##@&*##? & with all that beautiful merange on top), but back to MY Banana Pudding. It is just about the best dessert (not counting Baked Alaska now!). But just in case you want to try MY recipe, here it is:
Banana Pudding
1 large box Instant Vanilla Pudding
3 cups cold Milk
8 Bananas, sliced
1-2 boxes Vanilla Wafers
1-8 oz. Cream Cheese, softened
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 t. vanilla
1-8 oz. Cool Whip
1-8 oz. Creamy Cool Whip
Mix the instant pudding with milk as directed on box. Mix in softened cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk & vanilla (mixture may appear lumpy, but don't worry 'bout it). Blend in the 8-oz Cool Whip.
Line the vanilla wafers & bananas at least 3 times in the bowl, alternating with the pudding mixture (just like the old fashion kind of course!). Top with the Creamy Cool Whip.
Keep refrigerated. Enjoy!
It will knock your socks off-no kidding! I have pictures to prove it!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Christmas Coral!

I am thinking of Christmas as I put big, bright red coral in my line of Christmas Jewelry...I think it is a beautiful Christmas coral!...color!
I have used it much in my jewelry last month, and now this month in anticipation of my pre-Christmas Shows! I was invited to participate in the St. Anne's Society Craft Fair at St. John Vianney's Catholic Church on November 15th. Yes! If it sells (along with it's matching necklace), and if not ... to market to market it goes! It just might show up on my RJ's Jewelry Shop Link......Check it out after the 15th!