Tuesday, December 06, 2011

day two of the twelve days of Christmas ornament swap

Day two found me opening the ornament sent from the talented
Oh, this feels like Christmas!
The wrapping was bold and brilliant, but once I opened the package, I found a delicate ornament made with great care and creative thoughtFULLness.
After reading her post and how her ornaments were born, 
well...it became ever the more meaningful to me.
 The house began after Kelly found this picture of two sisters. 
I have two sisters.
Kelly talks about missing her own sister, and calls her my "Sister Friend".
That is so beautiful.
She made each of our ornaments just a tad bit different.  
I can relate to that....making 13 in a row can be challenging =)
  How can I not be touched by Kelly sharing that she used 
magic threads from her husband's Grandmother 
 to stitch the cardboard together when making each house?
Actually, as much as I adore the front, 
I really love the back of the ornament!
Torn and well worn, she wrote some of the lyrics to one of her favorite 
Christmas carol's.
Then, stamped each with a vintage 1950s holiday stamp.
Little did she know she chose a stamp for the back of mine 
from the year I was born =)
 Thanks Kelly.  
Love it!


Kelly Snelling said...

Of course I knew that was the year you were born, Diane! (wink) Don't you love it when things happen just as they should, like that?! Magic. Christmas magic! I'm so darn happy that you like my little I made just for you. It warms my heart and makes me smile. Happy Christmas!!

In the Light of the Moon said...

My Sister Friend...love it!!Hugs,Cat

stregata said...

OH my, I love this one!

steufel said...

wow - that is another ornament that makes me drooling here:-)

Daryl said...

So sweet .. and so perfectly you

stacie said...

This is just enchanting on so many levels...what a wonderful start to the holiday season...lovely!

Alice said...

Beautiful! I cried when I read the story of how the ornaments came about.

http://frenchblueandpeachypink.blogspot.com/ said...

WOW !! I just happened upon your beautiful blog. What an amazing group of creative women you are to create such lovely pieces. I love everything......thanks for the inspirational eye candy !