Tuesday, December 20, 2011

day eight of the twelve days of Chrismas ornament swap

Next in line is one of the original Twelve Days of Christmas ornament swappers,
Her ornie came wrapped inside an envelope made out of a page from a vintage German Bible.  Then tucked inside of it was another littler envelope made from what looks like
vintage wallpaper.
I don't know about you, but I am loving these extra "layers" I have to travel thru 
before I get to the goodie!
What was tucked inside was a domino dressed up (faux painted) to have the look of a sweet book.
 Maybe that isn't what Lou meant it to be,
but that is what my vivid imagination came up with =)  
She cleverly attached an inked clip on top, 
which helped her attach a beaded loop hanger.
The sparkles she added on top of an added vintage image and German text, gently grabs the twinkling lights of our Christmas tree.
And, here is the back.
My thought exactly Lou!


stregata said...

The ornaments are all so special! Bet your tree really sparkles now.

Daryl said...

such cleverness along with beauty is a delight to behold

Cindy said...

The ornaments from this swap are just incredible. What a beautiful addition to your tree. I almost think it might be nice to have a separate mini tree just to highlight all of your new art ornaments. We did that a few years with our White House christmas ornament collection - put them all in one place on our dining room table. We now have a wreath dedicated just for the White House ornaments.