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Sunday, December 23, 2007

May you have a blessed Christmas and...

Our wish for you is~Lots of beautiful Christmas decorations that make you smile~
Loads of time with your family and friends~ But, most of all, we wish you this~
To love so you can be loved,
Forgive so you can be forgiven,
and believe...
For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11

Sunday, December 16, 2007

making merry at mecca

~Beauty is our Muse~
~This multi-tiered cake was the center of a beautifully decorated hair studio~
Mecca celebrated its 2 year anniversary on Saturday, December 15th~~Melanie was the best Christmas elf~
~The set up was fun~
~The final results were even better. The jewelry tree turned out beautiful, and the czech crystals hung like sparkling diamonds from the branches~
~The tables were stunning, and beautifully decorated by Shawna, her family and friends~
~The flowers were provided by Trinity Flower & Gifts and Danny Cuellar~
~Look at all these tempting desserts~
~What a beautiful night. The weather was cold & perfect~
~Melanie & I were together~
~And our hearts were full of Christmas joy~

love in san antonio

Last weekend I went to San Antonio to visit, shop and work~(note order of importance). Melanie and I had the best time celebrating her birthday (which was on the 4th~see previous post).Above pic is of Melanie wearing the knitted scarf she bought from dawn houser. We went by to visit dawn on Friday night, and had the best time drinking cappuccino and gabbing. I also bought a scarf, as you will see mine in the bottom photo.
She had several bins of her stamps, journals and etc. from stitch, so I picked out some stamps~can't wait to use them.
On Saturday, we started out by eating lunch at Flour Power Cafe, just around the corner from Melanie. Their food is so fresh and good. We divided the Mexican Egg Salad sandwich and each had a cup of their homemade soup of the day, this time it was Italian Vegetable. The bread is freshly baked there, and is some of the best I've eaten.
We decided this lucky bamboo would not be an indication of what the day would be like~and it held true. We Christmas shopped for several hours~before the work part started. I had to set up a jewelry display with extra baubles for the Mecca Christmas Party that night!On Sunday, we went to La Cantera. The day was a spectacular sunny & cold one. We had so many shops to visit, in a short period of time. We were able to make a few before Allen came to pick me up. I didn't want to go~but Christmas is in a week~I think I can make it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

all the colors of the season

I am not sure what hold Christmas has on me this year~but it is a bright & shiny one. Everything looks brighter and shinier than I can ever remember. Even today, as the weather in Houston is totally confused~kinda dreary and muggy, all I have to do is look at this newest Prairie Cuff I made last week, and I feel excited all over again.
Allen and I finished our Christmas cards last night, and he will drop them in the Katy post office mailbox today. I didn't just buy them and send them out (which I am not saying is not a good thing, as I have done it also). But this year I put a little more effort into putting them together, and I feel good. I will have a post later with details....just in case you are not on my mailing list.
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

before we go

Each Christmas season we go to one beautiful holiday event. This year it was the Nutcracker at the Wortham Center in downtown Houston. A 2 pm show was just perfect, as I was able to take care of a few things this morning before we started the 30 mile trip into town.
Did you see the Barbara Walters special~The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007, on Thursday night? I believe she was wearing a simple but elegant Ruby Quartz Necklace*. It was graduated and the stones were faceted like the ones I have been making this Christmas. Hers looked stunning with the black suit she was wearing, so I decided to make a set~necklace & bracelet, to wear today. These will be my very own set of holiday jewels. I also made a simple pair of dangles that would go with my outfit, but also with just about anything else I have.
So, going back to Barbara's interviews. Did you get to see her interview with the My Space guys, Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe? They are really cool guys, and are very, very wealthy. Plus, they helped Barbara make her very own MySpace. Katherine Heigl is beautiful, and Jennifer Hudson has had a very blessed year! I actually enjoyed all her interviews, but was a little baffled that she didn't even talk to the number 1 pick - J.K. Rowling.
Well, more later. Gotta finish my Christmas cards to mail out on Monday.
p.s. I do have one Ruby Quartz Necklace at Mecca and one listed on my Etsy Shop~plus I have added a Christmas discount!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

friends forever

Since all my daughter's friends are my friends too, I wanted to post their today pictures taken with Mel~because they both have become such beautiful ladies! I have known both of them for at least 18 years. These are two of Mel's oldest and dearest friends. They are as dear to me as they are to Melanie. The picture on bottom is of Melanie and Olivia, and the picture on the top is of Laura and Melanie. Both have new babies, and Laura has one more on the way.
Love you guys~
btw...these are two of the friends shown in the post below~

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

no man is a failure who has friends - george bailey*

Mel's 4th Birthday at Granny's House!

Melanie and friends from Jr. High, High School and College~and still today.

"I believe that friends are quiet angels who sit on our shoulders and lift our wings when we forget how to fly".

Today is my daughter, Melanie's birthday. It was 32 years ago that my life changed forever.
She is and always will be my best friend. I love you Mel!
Pictures above:
Top Left: Melanie and I in front of Central Park on our annual Mother's Day trip last May.
Top Right: Melanie and her friend Olivia at a Cheerleader Christmas Party.
Bottom Left: Melanie and her friend Laura on Lake Travis in Austin.
Bottom Right: Kirsty, Melanie and Justine at The New Ulm Art Festival last April.
* George Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

i like "different" beads

Japanese beads flow like a river in a tri-strand necklace ready for my next sale on December 13th.

And, Czech Fire Polished Crystals continue to catch my eye.
Both the silver kissed beads and the Siam colored crystal rondelles are from the Czech Republic.