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Friday, May 29, 2009

You too (2) can be a winner!

I hit the jackpot in May!
I was a winner of my friend Daryl's Pay It Forward giveaway. I received this box of lovely little things from NYC! So now, it is my turn. Here's how it works~
Leave a comment saying you'd like to pay it forward and I will randomly pick 2 comments. I will send a box of goodies to the (2) winners within the next month. THEN, those winners will want to pay it forward on their blogs, linking me to their Pay It Forward post.
The prize, or prizes, can be anything! Make it as simple or not..... as you choose. I will draw the two (2) names the evening of June 4th, so please leave a comment (be sure I can notify you) if you want to participate. Doesn't this little domino magnet from Tina have the neatest quote? I won it too (2). I must say, I can relate.
We went to our new grandson's home to play with him for the evening, while his parents went out for some needed together time. His eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue. And, he has a gorgeous Rock Hudson cleft in his chin.At 3 months old, he is learning the art of focusing.
Oh, to have the eyes of a child......

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Re-worked, Sgovio and San Antonio

I am a perfectionist. I will finish a piece, and sometimes go back and re-work it. I often believe less is more, but decided this piece needed more. So out came a couple strands of 4-5 mm peacock freshwater pearls I bought last October at the International Gem Show. I restrung and added them on the top half of the necklace, above the s-hooks, to make it double stranded. The pearls are so delicate, and the colors were a perfect match to the bronze ones I had used in the necklace.
You might remember this piece began with a etched house I made in Stephanie Lee's class while in California. I brought it home, and added the glass egg I had bought from Ellen, probably two months ago. I will stash away my finds, waiting for the right time to use them. This was that time. The tricky part is remembering what I have stashed away!
While in California, our field trip to Kit Kraft on Saturday morning was amazing. I have got to say this was one of the highlights of my trip. Carol said she had been going to this shop since her childhood. That is quite a testimony to what is inside. The bar-chain I used in "Nesting", was purchased there! It has a gorgeous vintage patina, which is hard to find. I wish I had bought more of it.
Round Top, Texas This historical building stands along side several others on the square in Round Top. I like the look of the split rail fence. There are many like these in and around the area.
We ate lunch at Royers. A true Texas landmark. Even their website is something to see.

As mentioned on my previous post, I specifically went thru Round Top to meet with Laura Sgovio. She's the owner of a shop in downtown Round Top, called Sgovio. It is the two story store in the middle of this photo. Her shop is downstairs, with her office and workspace upstairs. I fell in love with it all, especially the workspace upstairs!
She is so gracious, and full of marketing ideas, with years of business savvy to her credit. I look forward to the opportunity to sell my pieces there. It is a real gem, and has been on the town square for many years.
This is one of her signature pieces. It is a cluster of faceted gemstones, freshwater pearls, crystals, coral and much more. She sold several at the Fayetteville Art Walk. Laura has quite a customer following, as I watched so many stop in her booth that weekend.
Then, we were off to San Antonio to visit my daughter.
We had the best time together. We laughed, sang, shopped and ate!
Thank you Mel, for a wonderful belated Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

You just never know~

I love the jewelry box I brought home from my mother-in-law's home in East Texas. It is lined with red velvet, and you can see the most beautiful patina when you open its lid. I now use it on my display table, as it is a great piece to hold a draped necklace.
Some time ago I bought a small vintage prayer book from Etsy dealer, Max and Ollie's, with thoughts of giving it as a gift. But, once I received it....well I had to keep it.
Yes, it is a show stopper.
Last weekend we continued our search for a piece of property in the country. We are looking in Fayette county, which borders part of Austin county, where I was born and lived the first 18 years of my life. I love this part of Texas. It's beautiful with an abundance of huge live oak trees and gentle rolling hills. We saw much of what I saw everyday as a child (and didn't appreciate). Except this.
The barn, yes, I saw many rusted and abandoned barns growing up. But the corn, not so much. This section of prairie outside of La Grange, is in fact, a huge cornfield. I grew up in the middle of hay meadows and cattle fields. There were a few cotton fields. During my mother and father's childhood almost all the fields not used for livestock, were planted in cotton. But, my grandfather, Rosa's husband & my Dad's father, grew sweet potatoes. The sandy soil on their property in Austin county was perfect for sweet potatoes.
"Old doors open to new opportunities"
Tomorrow, we will drive thru this country once more, passing thru Round Top, on our way to visit my daughter in San Antonio. My daughter and I had decided to celebrate Mother's Day this next weekend, as we had just seen each other at the Art Walk. I will stop in Round Top to visit with Laura Sgovio, a jewelry designer who owns a quaint jewelry store on the historical square. Her shop, SGOVIO, carries her jewelry, along with those of other Texas designer's. Laura and I ended up next to each other at the Art Walk, so we started discussing future jewelry classes, and the possibility of selling my jewelry at her shop. I will let you know how that ALL turns out!
My daughter brought my mother to Fayetteville during the Art Walk. Mom lives in New Ulm, so Melanie decided to pick her up and bring her to the show. They had the best time together. My sister and nephew also came by that afternoon.
That made me oh so happy!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

What a wonderful day or two!

This historic precinct courthouse stands in the middle of the town square in beautiful Fayetteville, Texas. The square is also the location of the Texas Pickin Park. And, during the antique festival, Fayetteville is included in places to shop.
Last weekend the square was home to 52 artists, brought here by the Art Guild of Rural Texas. It was the guild's 10th Annual Fayetteville Art Walk. I was blessed to be a part of it. Here are a few pictures of my table set up.

My husband and I are always fascinated by the number of people who come into my booth and pick up the props! I always use some of my antique finds, such as the vintage door knob bought in Warrenton; and a leather magazine carrier and briefcase I bought in Katy during the City Wide Garage Sale. And, I've gotten some beautiful vintage silver spoons from Nothing Ordinary, which have now found their way on my table. " Layered Metals"
The park is home to many old pecan trees which surround the entire courthouse. The reflection of these beauties in one of my antique mirrors, brought back memories of my home in nearby New Ulm. " Ice Princess"
One of the pieces for sale, was this necklace I made with a chandelier crystal bought at the antique festival in April. The facets of this crystal are just slightly different from the ones I've used in the past. I also added faceted and nugget crystal quartz, along with Swarovski rondells. $108
"Smokey Quartz Dangles"
These dangles are also still available. I used larger faceted drops of smokey quartz and oxidized sterling silver wire. $46
I must say the art guild treated the artists with a wonderful reception on Saturday evening, along with 14 different awards. The members came around to our booths each morning with rolls and kolaches, and with cold bottled water several times a day.
It was an exceptional show, and I commend them for a job well done.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lovlies For Sale

"Petite Marie Dangles"
Did you notice the Artists Emporium banner on the left margin of my blog? Last month Stampington offered my Petite Marie necklace and earring set (sold), featured in Marie, for sale in their Artist Emporium shop. There were two sets of earrings in the magazine, and they graciously sent the extra pair back to me, just in time to sell for Mother's Day. They were made with faceted crystal Swarovski drops & crystal rondells. $52
If you likey (*wink* Stephanie), contact me. They, as any of the following pieces can go into my Etsy shop for you to purchase. I will get them to you by Mother's Day if you let me know quickly!*
And, be sure and check out the Emporium, as a portion of the proceeds go to a selected choice of charities.

"Vintage Button Dangles"
These dangles hang from my oxidized sterling silver french wires, and are made with faceted nuggets of crystal quartz & vintage silver tone metal wallpaper dome buttons. $54


This necklace has another one of my pendant's born in Stephanie Lee's class. I love the colors of the etched piece, as it has the most amazing peacock colored blend that really "pops" when caught by just the right light. Below it, I have placed one of the beautiful eggs bought from Nina Bagley's glass artist sister, Ellen. Isn't it precious? I added a delicate tassle of vintage seam binding in brown, taupe, and a shimmery bronze/eggplant.
Nesting also has wire-wrapped freshwater pearls, a mother-of-pearl dove, along with some copper bar chain bought on our field trip to Kit Kraft, while in North Hollywood. $158

Just before I left for California, I stopped into one of the antique malls close to home. It is there one of my favorite vintage button vendors has a booth. These were bought from her, and used in this~
"Just Laugh"
Made with the most lucious turquoise vintage seam binding, recently bought from a wonderful Etsy seller, Brown Bird Market. Actually, I started this piece using one of the soldered pendants made in Stephanie's class as well. I stamped LAUGH under a picture of a vintage joker, which I encased in the bezel.....It just seemed like the thing to do! I believe we all need to laugh a little more, as laughter really is the best medicine. I added two of the vintage silver tone metal wallpaper dome buttons to some Green Opal Cross and Abalone Flat Oval beads, both bought at the Santa Fe Bead Fest. They all tied together with the beautiful color of the seam binding. $126
*Please contact me for postage costs, which will be added to the Etsy listing.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Results Revealed

On February 14th I joined, along with over 120 other artists, in a brainstorm of an idea lead by Seth Apter, called Disintegration Collaboration.
We were to produce a bundle of art, place it outside, and let the elements do its magic.

I put together several pages of plain & stamped watercolor paper, a newspaper clipping, a used coffee filter from the morning coffee, an envelope from a friend, copper mesh & copper wire. I tied it into a tight bundle, using a ribbon of my favorite color~mint green.

However, on March 1st, I decided my little bundle needed to receive more of the elements. What was I thinking? I wanted more disintegration, not less. So, out it went on our backyard fence. I gently moved it to my favorite rusty garden gate.

It then weathered several hard rain storms. The most notable ones were in April. One was the weekend I spent in California; and the other huge one, was the weekend of April 24th. We received 12 inches of rain in Katy, in less than 24 hours!

So, here is how it looked on the big reveal day of May 1st. I had to shake off a few bugs that had made it their home. And, of course there were signs of mildew, along with decomposed leaves and dirt between the folds of the copper mesh.
This now leads us to Part 2 of the collaboration. We are to produce a new piece of art using some or all of our disintegrated material. The big reveal date is set for August 1st.

But, this lead me to want more. More disintegration that is. Therefore, I bundled it back up, and it went back out to my favorite rusty gate~for one more month. I will snap another picture or two when I take it down on June 1st.

Seth has some great ideas in the works for the completed projects. I have a few in mind as I type this post. None the less, it will be FUN.