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Friday, May 20, 2011

is this a dream?

Being here in southern California
makes my heart sing and my feet start to dance.
I do believe~

"my feet lead me to where my heart has always been"

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage Ear Bobs

This cold join connection is probably my most favorite to use on my etched cuffs.
"Dancing Queen"
Along with using vintage ear bobs
I don't call them clips.  I call them bobs.
I most likely call them bobs because of my aunt Susie.  She wore beautiful ear bobs.
Her name was actually Josie, like my grandmother's....but, the family called her Susie.
She was beautiful.  Just like my grandmother.
When I was little, we would go into Houston where she lived.
Once when I was probably about seven years old, we went to visit.
At that time she was living in an apartment above a grocery store.  
In her kitchen was a booth-like nook....early sixties-style. 
I had never seen anything like it.   
It was there...that particular time that I ate my first powdered do-nut.
I didn't know what to think as I popped them in my mouth, 
and they just melted away.  I thought they were the best thing I had ever eaten!
We never ate anything like that at home.  And, you know what...never did.
My mother did would not buy them.
Yep, ear bobs.  They don't have a thing to do with do-nuts.
But, then again....maybe they do.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

etched & layered

"Emerald Lady"
Etched & Layered
 In preparation for my Etched & Layered class, 
(and three more times after this one)
I finished my newest cuff last night.
I find myself trying to catch my breath as I think about seeing old friends 
and meeting new ones.  I will be in Fullerton in just over a week, 
where I will teach two classes~one being Etched & Layered. 
I will be at Gilding the Lily on Saturday, May 21st.
(I will be teaching Heart Strings there on May 22nd).
I am excited about finally meeting Nancy and Dede and so many other beautiful ladies.
Many I have only talked to online.
I do confess, 
I am constantly on the lookout for vintage rhinestone brooches, ear clips, 
shoe buckles and vintage buttons.  
I probably have more than you can imagine.
But, when I saw this one sitting in one of the vendor's cases at my local antique shop,  
I immediately knew I wanted it.
Now I know for sure it was worth every penny.
The best part of "Emerald Lady" (for me) is the gorgeous brass piece behind the Ruiz Studios 1920s brooch.  It is one that Jill, at Brass Bouquet, named "Diane".
I thought this was a beautiful piece of filigree the moment I saw it.
Thank you Jill for such a beautiful honor.
And don't forget, 
if you are on the east coast, registration is now open for ArtBLISS
where I will be teaching Etched & Layered on September 24th.

I am sprinting past today only slowing down for tomorrow - diane =)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

dreaming of dancing

When I was a little girl I watched the Carol Burnett Show religiously.
It was one of the best variety shows wasn't it?
What I loved most about it were the dancers!
Remember, all the shows had them back when.
I confess, I wanted to be one of them. 
The Ernie Flatt Dancers!
Really, was that their name??  Yes, I had to look it up =)
They would effortlessly spin together light as air on the dance floor.
I dreamed of twirling around and dancing with my partner on a stage like that!
To be part of a dance troupe on TV.
Oh, what funny dreams I had.
I guess Dancing with the Stars fills that empty gap today.
Not for me, as it is certainly not the same.
I have been working on finished a couple new classes this week,
this being one.
This cuff was cut and etched out of a gorgeous piece of red brass 
I had etched almost 2 years ago.
It sports a forged, stamped & oxidized nickel silver heart,
with a tiny window letting you see into "my heart".
One that longed to dance on a TV stage!
Yes, I dance.  But, not like they danced.  
I have danced since I was 6, when I began tagging along with my mother & father
to country dances in old German dance halls.  You must dance if you are from Texas!
Especially the part of Texas I was born & raised.
Today I still feel a deep stir inside my soul when I hear a beautiful waltz, 
AND even a polka.  
I probably always will....
 Just let me dance.
And when I do, let it be with heart ~ diane =)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thank you Mom...

I don't have many pictures of my mother and I by ourselves.  
This is one of the rare ones taken outside of her sister's home in Pasadena, Texas.
I was three.
My mom had a hard life.  She was number 8 of 13 children.
Her father was a barber, but also drank too much.
Her mother, Josie, took care of her children and her home.
My mother and my father were married when she was just 16.
They had 4 children, but for many years there was just us three girls.
I was the middle child. 
 My little brother came 10 years after my little sister.
My mother is a strong woman.
I only hope to have as much strength as she has had to have in her life.
 My Mom, =) and my daughter, Melanie =)
I love you Mom!
I love you both!
Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 06, 2011

ArtBLISS 2011

ArtBLISS 2011
I am so excited to share with you this great bit of news!
I'll be teaching three classes in the Washington DC Metro area this September.
I can hardly believe it!!
I am so excited that Cindy & Jeanette invited me to come to the east coast, 
along with six other extremely talented teachers; 
who are btw, teaching many new classes!
I will be in the company of Robert Dancik, Deryn Mentock, Richard Salley,  
On Saturday, September 24th,
That evening I'll be teaching 
....the fun tassel part of the necklace.
The same Heart Strings I had published in the latest issue of 
Belle Armoire Jewelry, and the ones I talked about here.
Then on Sunday, September 25th,
I will be teaching a new class...
 This class will be chocked full of my "primitive style" of soldering 
and fun techniques.
I hope I see you there!
Registration begins here tomorrow morning 7AM EST.