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Monday, December 10, 2012

Hoping in....

"Loves Hope"
I love a good challenge.
It truly always pushes me into a direction I would not take otherwise.
This challenge once again proved the same.
A couple of months ago, Carmi Cimicata of Resin Crafts asked if I'd like to participate in a blog hop featuring a new line, called Instant Glam, within a line of products called 
She sent a couple of components, one of which was a silver bezel.
I chose to use it for the hop!
 I had found this gorgeous rhinestone necklace at the antique festival this past Spring.
I knew it was destined for beauty.
I first oxidized the bezel, as it was much too shiny for me.
Then I sanded it a bit, just before I added a couple soft layers of Gilders Paste.
Damask was first, and then I topped it with Silver.
I reached into my bag of goodies
(really my shelf of supplies)
picking up some pewter hearts I had purchased from Thomas Mann.
This is the one I chose!  Just perfect, 
as it has a great little oval shaped well in the middle.
I found a rhinestone connector that had a hint of turquoise in it, 
snipping off the two end connectors.  
Then I pulled out my vintage book of Shakespeare, 
to find my next word,
 I looked across my desk, 
finding some resin covered sheet music I had used in a previous project.
The title of the song had the word I was looking for,
The name of my piece was born.
I attached the paper inside the bezel.  Mixed up a batch of Ice Resin and attached the heart inside the bezel using the resin.
I gently lowered the rhinestone connector, which now held the word hope,
into the tiny well in the middle of the heart.
As the resin was drying, I decided I wanted a few drops of silver inside the well,
so I added some silver glass micro beads.
Simply divine.  I am so in love with this piece.  
Thank you Carmi for asking me to be part of the hop!
It was a blast =)