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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my click

The underbelly of my new stamp looks so much different than what I expected.
Remember when I showed it to you here?

I can't tell you 
 how surprised I was when I started using it this past weekend.   
Totally different than what I thought it would be.  Don't get me wrong, I like it, just
expected it to look different (and much smaller =).
Like the size of the hand on top of the stamp?
Nope, it is much bigger!  Much!
"this is my song"
One more of my newest "watchfulls"
I am still having big fun with these little encasements,
filling the latest ones with
sweet pictures of my favorite sisters (you know THE ones), 
adding vintage text from an old hymnal, then giving it a light touch of fine silver German glitter.
The next step is an important one for me, and involves movement.
As I take a good look at the tiny collage sitting on my work desk,
I began to ponder the possibilities of inside motion.
I reach up and grab one of the jars that sits on my shelf to the right.
This one is filled with bits and pieces of vintage rhinestones salvaged
from necklaces or bracelets used in other projects.  
I clip a couple of the tiny pieces off with the greatest of
care.  Then I gently place them atop the collage.
Do I like them?  
I may change my mind a time or two, but not this time.
Next, I take the metal front and place it together with the back,
swiveling both pieces until I am satisfied with the position of the bezel.
I turn the piece over onto its face on a wooden dapping block,
and gently tap the back (several times) with my rubber hammer.  I listen for the click.  Actually, it is the feel I am listening for, not the sound.  
It is what happens when the front and back snap perfectly together.  
I turn the "watchfull" over, face towards me...shake it just a bit to hear the tiny rhinestones inside.  
I really like the sound.  Just a little "click" of a sound.
I think .... yes, this is my song.  This is my click.
When it all comes perfectly together.
This past weekend I brought home a few goodies, as I traveled to
the summer antique show at The Big Red Barn, just outside of  Round Top.
I went to visit friends and pick up some goods from both Theresa, with
Garden Antqs Vintage, and Linda, of Willow's Nest Farm.
And, to visit my good friend, Agnes Strauss, of Wild Weedz.
Agnes strolled me around, introducing me to all her antique buds.  We stopped at a booth of one of her favs, Hector, of Fundustrial.  He comes out of San Antonio, and is at The Texas Rose Show
across from Marburger Farms, during Antique Week.
He made a deal with me on these, and I have had some good ideas rolling around in you know where
as what to do with them.
I love these magnifying lenses.
And, the extra metal rims will make perfect bezels.
Oh, and I love the amber shade of these lenses.
  He had the tiniest Pet Milk cans (less that 1/2") I have ever seen,
ready to become dangles on a pair of earrings!
Love them.
And, then I pulled these out from under a pile of stuff.
My husband said, don't ever take a knife
(the gun measures less than 1-1/2 inches)
to a gunfight.
How about to a two fisted knife fight?
I have some exciting news, which I will share with you tomorrow =) 
Until then.....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

just bee-cause

 I have been busy filling an order from the Fayetteville Art Walk
and having way too much fun seeing what I can fill inside these little watch casings.
I begin with some of my down-sized pictures,
which could possibly be of my logo, 
 or perhaps a shot I took at Warrenton 
(there are so many to choose from)
of the antique doll that I Love!  
 There is also a picture I use of a true Texas longhorn taken during the same festival trip,
on a back road outside of nearby Burton, Texas.
And, I always have to include a vintage bird nest in the mix.  
You know, nesting just comes natural for me, like most women, 
I do believe =)
Next, I will add a single word.  
Sometimes it is vintage text...sometimes not.
But, one simple word is all that is needed.
This one rings true for alot of us, as we ARE the queen of our nests. 
You know, behind every good king, there is a great queen!
 I have always liked pink.  Sometimes not as much...
But, pink and blonde hair...well you get it.  
Needless to say, I've worn alot of pink in my days. 
I do like the way pink has been coming around, and it seems a great new shade of it shows up each season.
Last Thursday, I couldn't help it.  I had to stop in one of my two local antique shops.  
I hadn't been in there for a couple of weeks, so I'm so glad I did,
because this is what I found.
Two matching vintage jewelry boxes.  I can just see these sitting side by side at my vendor table, 
or at the next Art Walk.

And, when I opened them, this is what I saw inside.

Luscious, yummy, timeless pink satin with gold embossing.

Way cool!
Then, I also saw this retro Ultralite Samsonite.

Look at its gorgeous robin's egg blue interior. 
They all came home with me.....
especially since their prices were right.
Just in case you were wondering about that cute little bee inside the queen "watchfull",
you can still get a few of them from Jill.  
She has a limited supply here
but a new stock of little bees is waiting in the wings until the ones I have been using are all gone.
The newbies are way more dimensional!
I think I likey.
If you likey the "watchfulls", you can let me know here or email me.  
(Special requests may be considered).
Each one holds a little charm, vintage rhinestone or goodie inside.
They fly out the door for $28 + $4 shipping.

Friday, June 18, 2010

it's here

to the

 Here is where I ask you
to follow me
thru the keyhole.
Here is where I shared my story
my space with you
several weeks ago for
 Just hop down 
You'll see my space
for the 
see it again!
~ AND ~
Because I love being a part
of this BIG wonderful blogging world, 
if you leave a
comment  on this post,
you will bless my soul.
~ AND ~
You will be part of a secret drawing.
A surprise gift will be sent to you 
in one of my little signature bags =)
~ AND ~
If you sign up to 
follow me
you will have 
chances to  
My grandson will help me pick the winner 
on July 4th!
Until then,
.....take my hand
....we'll learn together.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

smitten again

One of the reasons I bought this vintage stamp set from my friend Linda Marcov of Willow Nest Farm
is this one stamp!  
I know, I know...there are over 30 other stamps in this box, including all the letters of the alphabet, and numbers....but it was THIS one stamp that put me over the edge!
I know you know what I mean.  
I can't tell you how many times I feel this way when I see a little bit different string of gemstones, or an eye catching necklace, a piece of vintage brass chain, a stunning rhinestone brooch,
or even something as simple as a charm.  
This is just how I felt when I saw my *FIRST* baby rose.
 Yes, I am smitten. 
Just take a liitle look over on the design blog to see how I've been using some of the little darlings as I get ready for the Summer Soiree.
You will likey =)
(btw...Jill is having a sale.
Her chain is 15% off until Sunday, June 20.  
Use promo code JUNE16.)
Jill is also looking for a piece of jewelry you designed that makes your heart sing...perhaps using the baby rose charms!
It might just show up on the design blog =)
Send your jpeg format photos to brass bouquet.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

digital layers

"Family Tree"
We are well into Week 3 of Digital Layers with Susan Tuttle.  
So, here I am, finished with my version of Project 2, with a little more family layering. 
Project 2 was all about colorizing a figure.  Well, I colorized three!
I felt like I did when I was a little girl painting with my watercolors.
I painted their clothes, cheeks, lips and eyes with a soft brush.
When I finished, I thought it could use a bit more depth, so I scanned one of uncle Eldie's school diplomas to add as another layer. I love this part of the picture!  
The original picture was taken most likely in early 1921, and is of my aunt Lorena, uncles Eldie and Edmund.  My dad isn't in the picture because he was born 13 years after my uncle Eldie, who is the baby sitting on the wicker rocker.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This class is taking me past the place I was before (in Photoshop).  
Just as I expected.
Thank you Susan!
You can see more pictures from class here.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

a summer soiree

What kind of visions does a summer soiree conjure up in your mind?
The word soiree starts my mind to wander.
Dancing thru the hot days of summer.
 It is a word that brings to mind something
soft and as faint as a whisper.
Perhaps a beautiful soft gauzy cotton summer dress.
A pair of simple open toe sandals.  
Full picnic baskets.  A chilled summer wine.  
A time worn quilt thin from years of fun and frolic.
My newest summer jewelry line
Summer Soiree.
Dangles made from hand wrapped 1920s vintage Japanese pearls 
or simple cut crystal drops.  
Etched and layered brass filigree and vintage cut glass button encrusted cuffs.
A simple vintage rhinestone focal, dripping with a single 1920s vintage Japanese pearl and baby rhinestone dangle.
A sterling silver rosary with a layered brass focal held by a vintage rhinestone chain, glass rosary beads and various sizes of vintage chain.
Any of these can be worn with softly textured flax or linen...or maybe a cool crisp cotton sun dress.

Just last week I found out that Linda and Ludmil Marcov 
will have a Summer Soiree on July 10th, at their beautiful
Willow Nest Farm in Burton. 
I can't wait to see what fanciful things they will have for sale,
along with three other favorite antique dealers.
Maybe I will see you there.  
At the summer soiree. 

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Welcome to Brass Bouquet Designs

I have some exciting news!  
Go here for all the details!