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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art Walk 2011

"Aquamarine Never Makes Me Blue"
I've been busier than a bee preparing for Art Walk this weekend.
Oh, and not to mention class proposals (that have been and are due soon)
that have been buzzzzzing around in my head.
I will have more details on those soon...California & DC here I come =)
But, my main focus has been on an event I've been a part of for the last three years.
It is a grand event.
One that benefits local children.  
This pulls at my heart, 
as I was one of those children who could have benefited from the programs
now held in this small Texas town.
The ArtWalk, sponsored by Arts for Rural Texas, features over 60 artists, displaying their paintings, jewelry, photography, ceramics, sculpture, wood and glass art.
It is a free event for the public...with music, food, wine tasting
AND a Kid's Art Tent!
It will be held around the quaint Fayetteville historic square this Saturday, April 30th
from 10am to 5pm and Sunday, May 1st from 11am to 4pm.
More details can be found here.
I will have many pieces of fresh Spring jewelry for sale.
I do hope to see you there.
(Psst...I will be teaching this class in DC in September!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jewelry Affaire

I love surprises.
A beautiful little muslin bag tied together tightly.
Covered with vintage bits of lace
topped with a steel cut rhinestone button.
Inside you will find a cuff.
Romancing the Cuff
I am so excited to be have this design included 
and be a part of the latest issue of Jewelry Affaire
 which actually hit the newsstands on April 1st.
These romantic cuffs have a soft leather base, 
and have been a consuming passion of late.
I taught this technique at an evening class at Adorn Me! 2011.
Remember the photos here?
I sewed a large group of them to sell at Marburger.
This isn't all, just the ones that made it back home =)
I have had inquiries about selling a kit (even before Adorn Me!), 
so one of the things I have worked on this week was making that happen.
I (will) have the tutorials available on my Etsy Shop here.
Several examples are (and will be) posted for you to choose from.
Here is what you will receive:
A detailed tutorial, which I will send in pdf format,
2 cuff templates,
a soft piece of leather (you choose the color)
 vintage lace, tulle, recycled sari silk ribbon, a charm, an elastic closure,
and either a vintage button or rhinestone button.
You get to choose the type of button (either will be vintage), 
which will determine the price.
$32 shipping for a kit with vintage rhinestone button (No.1 and 2)
$30 + shipping for a kit with vintage button (No. 3 and 4)
You can add any additional bits & pieces that you might like & have 
when you receive your kit.
It is up to you....as it is your cuff.
I will be adding some different kits in the future, but for now these are the choices.
They are just samples, as each one WILL be different
but just as close as I can get to what you see.
While in Warrenton, Riki and I shopped at the lace ladies booth in the Rose of Texas Field, which is behind the Legal Tender Saloon (where my daughter and I eat every time we go to the festival).
This lady comes in from Oklahoma.  We stayed in her booth for at least an hour (or more)
looking and digging through her goodies.
Then, Riki took some of the other girls back there later that weekend.
 She had MOUNDS of lace, tulle, tatting, buttons and more.
And, guess what?  
I haven't even tapped into any of what I bought and brought home from her.
If you'd like the tutorial only it will be $12 in my shop on Etsy.
This latest cuff has a great vintage charm AND a rhinestone button. $48
It is one I've made in preparation for the Art Walk, and is the one I made as a demo for my tutorial.
The Art Walk is a juried art show I am once again honored to be a part of 
in Fayetteville, Texas.  It is a great show, and Fayetteville is located in such a beautiful part of Texas, just down (or up) the road from Warrenton and Round Top.  
The show is for two days, Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1. 

I have been on such a fast track since Marburger, I haven't gotten all my photos posted 
from that time.
We had such a great week and a half, shopping and visiting with Riki, 
my daughter, AND my husband.
We laughed ~ a lot.  My husband was there helping me the whole time I was set up at Marburger, and for that I was so very thankful.
The days I spent at Marburger were long ... but very good for me.
I learned a lot.
About my set-up (thanks Riki-son), my jewelry....about myself.
 Riki and my feet after the first day of shopping in Warrenton!
My daughter, Melanie and I on the second day in Warrenton and Round Top.
 Mary, Melanie and Riki on what Melanie though
had to be the very first bike cab!  LOL.
We had a BLAST!

Monday, April 04, 2011

I'm ....

This five day show was the longest I've ever done.
Thankfully we had (pretty) great weather most of the time,
even though I almost melted a couple of afternoons.
I'm so thankful to have been a part of it,
as it turned out to be one of those experiences I'm glad I didn't miss.
I couldn't have done it without my selfless husband,
 my great friend Riki,
and my wonderful daughter ~ Melanie!
Before the show, we had two days of shopping in Warrenton...which was the BEST.
We shopped, laughed and walked a lot!
Here's a picture of Mary, Melanie and Riki
on what Melanie thought must have been the very first  
bike cab!
I saw old friends and met new ones.
Rita, Charlene, =), Sandy and Susie.
Amy, =) and Karen.
=) & Cindy (Crawford *wink*
 Sandy, Charlene, Susie, Karen, Joy
Rita, Cindy, Riki & =)
at Theresa's Blog Party.
 Barb from Arizona, who will be taking a couple of my classes
at Art Unraveled, stopped by to introduce herself,
which was such a surprise!
Here's a picture we took with Jenny, who is a Facebook friend from Minnesota.
Jenny actually caught me while Riki & I were walking through Warrenton.
She was there selling some of her jewelry!
And, of course, my great friend Agnes,
who gave me the opportunity to be a part of the show next to her in Tent "W".
This week I will share more pictures of what Riki and I did the day she arrived, 
as well as the next two days we spent in Warrenton.
One of those being with Mary and Melanie
 at the show opening of Clutter.
Yep....we had quite a time!