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Sunday, August 21, 2011


In between the thick of teaching classes, writing class proposals and submissions, 
and end of season RV trips, 
I am once again enjoying the thrill of Lori Anderson's 
If this doesn't ring a bell in your world, 
I'd like to suggest that it would (the next one will be in Feb. 2012),
as for now sign-up has ended and packages are beginning to arrive in the mail.
Just last Spring I participated for the first time.
Here was the result of the soup I received from a talented lamp work bead artist,
named Melissa Mesara.
There are 362 participants this time around, and when the names were dealt,
I was fortunate to be paired with Kerry Bogert.
A wire working, bead designing, book author.
She received my box of goodies and made a video as she unwrapped it.
How clever!
It was filled with quite a fun stash.
Not typical of what she would normally work with...which is exactly the point.
I included a vintage chandelier crystal that dangles from a focal made with a vintage rhinestone earring attached to a filigree focal.
Just above, I wrapped in a vintage crystal dangle.  Kerry is also a knitter,
so I thought I'd slip in a bundle of "Merlot" colored recycled sari silk ribbon.
I gave her the choice of two clasps ~ one a vintage rhinestone, the other, 
an oxidized sterling silver hook and eye which I designed.
I also included vintage rhinestone dangles, additional vintage crystal drops and dark ruby red garnets.
Lots and lots of garnets, silver disks and oxidized crystal rondells.
A group of my favorite vintage rhinestone buttons to play with.
 So, here's the whole shebang...
which includes a string of unusual crystal nuggets & AB crystal beads,
found at my local antique store.
Awe, this was fun.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fannie & Fairy

Fannie and Fairy were twins, separated at birth.
Fairy lived a fairy tale life in a big city in California.  
She took ballet lessons and learned how to play the piano.  
Fairy took years of art lessons, learning how to paint and draw and how to stretch her creative wings, from the time she was 6 years old.
Fannie lived a modest life far down a country road outside a small town in Texas.
Little did each one know that they had a sister.  Let alone a twin sister!
But one day in August of 2011, they found out the truth....as Fannie came to town.
When Fannie was a little girl, she longed to live in the big city.
She dreamed of the bright lights and big tall buildings.  
She desperately wanted someone to play with, who lived right around the corner from a house in town where she lived with her parents.
Someone to ride bicycles with and to go shopping with at the nearby mall. 
She longed to take art lessons...lots and lots of art lessons.
And, certainly would have loved to take ballet and piano lessons. 
Fairy longed to live in the country, where she could breath pure country air.  
Where she could take a simple cane pole and run down to the bottom to fish for perch in a creek that ran through the woods.
She longed to live on a ranch where she could ride horses and raise lambs to show at the county fair.  She wanted to climb trees to her heart's desire.
Each one longed to live the other ones life.
Imagine that...if you will.
Somehow I can relate.
I longed to be a girl like Fairy.
Fannie's not dreaming any more =) 
Thank you JoAnnA for sharing your knowledge of doll making with me.
I am so glad I came to play with you in your beautiful studio in Phoenix!
 I ♥ed every minute!
(p.s. JoAnnA and I are not really twins *wink* =)
* Fairy designed by JoAnna, Fannie designed by Diane *

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Art Unraveled 2011

 Deryn, Maija, =) and Diana
Manager's Reception at Art Unraveled
August 4, 2011
I am still trying to land with both feet on the ground after the six days I spent in Phoenix 
at Art Unraveled.
We ate good food with great new (and not so new) friends.
 Diana Frey, JoAnnA Periotti, Pat Soenke, Renee Troy, Serena Barton, Pam Carriker and =)
The Mission in Scottsdale, Arizona
August 3, 2011
Thanks to my dh who safely drove us to Phoenix and back.
We traveled a total of 2,400 miles!
The next day I took a doll class with JoAnnA Periotti,
a wonderful artist and great new friend.
She was go gracious to have me in her home for one very full day.
And even though she isn't completely finished
(as I am still in the process of unpacking)
I am totally in love with her! 
She's still a little "under dressed", 
but as soon as I can, I will finish her, give her a name, and share her
"coming out" with you!
(BTW...I finished her yesterday...and all my supplies are back in their respective places~YEA!)
I think you will love her as much as I do.  She has quite a story to tell.
You will meet her in my next post =)
So onto the reason I was in Phoenix.  And that was to teach two classes!
On Friday I taught my Rhinestones & Rosaries class.
It was just the right size.  I actually prefer a class with about 10 students.
I had the most beautiful group of ladies in my class.
 Mary Ryan, Marbie Burnette, =) and Barb Solem

 =) and Jo Stone 
As did Jo, who also finished her piece in class.
She had brought along a beautiful vintage timepiece that was her mother's.  
It had stopped keeping time and she wanted the "works" to show.
Isn't it beautiful?
Great job Jo!
 The ladies worked tirelessly on mastering new techniques.
Look at that wire wrapping! 
Very nice work Viki!
On Saturday was the vendor event.  
It was high energy as the ladies began lining up at the door to get in way before it opened. I choose to sit this time out as a "newbie", just to see how it worked.
Glad I did, as I had a great time helping my friend, Deryn.
I did walk across the isle to visit with Daniel Essig, who came along to eat dinner with us each evening.  Quite the unassuming type with a super dry sense of humor.
He taught six classes while in Phoenix!
I picked out one of his tiny Window Samplers to bring home with me.
Love the tiny gem tintype on back.
I first saw his work when I took a class with my friend, Stephanie Rubiano.
She has (what he told me), one of his favorite pieces sitting in her home.
An amazing piece of art! 
(Found in my picture archives date June, 2009).
Deryn, Ronnie, Ned, Daniel, =) and Diana 
Sunday was another class day, Words of Inspiration.
I really like this class, as it is ALL metal.
I had another "just right" class size, which I do believe worked out great for me
AND the students.
 Maija and =)
Maija called us the "sexy water girls"
Don't drink the ART WATER
 Martha & Deb
And here are their cuffs!


Monday, August 01, 2011

more than a word (of inspiration)

Moos Flash!  Stickers!
I used them on student packets for Art Unraveled.
Gosh I ♥ 'em!
One more "Word of Inspiration" cuff..."Believe".
What does it mean to you?
To me?  
To have no doubt.  
To act in faith accordingly.
It is a word of action.
I DO believe.