Monday, December 19, 2011

day six of the twelve days of Christmas ornament swap

Here I am....back to sharing the beautiful ornaments I received from the 
Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament Swap 
hosted by Deryn Mentock
Day six belonged to the talented Crystal Neubauer.
Crystal is a talented mixed media artist who graced us each with a hand-painted 
paper star.
 Three layers, painted on each side, with a middle layer of scalloped text.
Hand stitched and embellished with bits of paper, fabric, and a huge creamy pearl.
What I loved most was how she embellished one of the corners......
She stitched three french knots.  I love french knots.
When I was about nine years old, I went over to the house of my grandmother (Rosa) for the day.  On that day she taught me how to embroidery, which included how to make french knots!  
They were, and still are, my favorite knot!
Thanks Crystal.  
I will always think of you AND my grandmother when I hang your star on my tree each year.


Charlene said...

And the gifts just keep coming!!! Love it! I too love all those fancy stitches & the French Knot is charming. HUGS!

Riki Schumacher said...

I must have lived a sheltered childhood. Didn't get to make French knots, would have loved to! Such a great ornament. xoxo Riki

trish said...

Love the french knot; ironically I've just signed up for an online stitching class....I do believe I see these in my encaustic future~ :)

Daryl said...

So pretty .. we need to see a photo of your whole tree with all the ornaments ..

Unknown said...

It was such a nice surprise having you join us this year. I love the ornament you made and will cherish it. I can't take credit for the painting of the star, as it was simply an old oil painting of swans I found languishing at a thrift shop just begging to be recycled! The French knots, however, I learned to do in third grade at my mothers side. It took some trial and error to get these right, but the technique finally did come back to me. Thanks for the post, you are a great photographer!