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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Antique Festival Time

If you've been with me for any amount of time, 
you know that twice a year I trek to Warrenton and Round Top
for the semi-annual Antiques Week.
It's HUGE and several trips are in order each & every time.
Yesterday was just my first for the Fall Show, and it was a bit early.
I like to slip in there way ahead of time...
which means some of the vendors haven't yet arrived.
I am fine with that.
I always go back, and then they are there.
I don't fret about missing something.
I have decided that if I was meant to have it,
it will be there.
Whatever IT might be!
I must admit,
I had no intention of buying the vintage baby doll and compact you see above.
But, they called my name, and they came home with me.
The top drilled baroque stick pearls....
well that's another story.
I have an idea bouncing around that involves these beauties,
and I was looking for them.
 It always amazes me when I enter a booth that is stuffed full of stuff.
Yesterday, proved no different.
I always make an effort each show to visit Cathy, 
the lace lady from Oklahoma.
She has WAY more than lace in her booth, and I always make a point to visit her...
mainly for vintage lace, tulle, netting, and such.
This time I brought home one itty bitty bundle of lace,
a good group of vintage rhinestone buttons,
the crackled baby doll
and this dainty silver compact purse.
Inside was half of a ticket...
When I carried all my purchases up front to pay,
she said...."I almost kept this one for my compact collection".
Not only did this make me feel like I had picked up a winner of a piece,
but she had thoughtfully remembered it, 
mentioning she regretted parting with it.
I get that...
Each time I design a piece of jewelry,
then sell it...
it feels like I am getting rid of part of my family.

This batch of necklaces will definitely make 
me feel that way when they leave home.
  Kind of like letting your baby go...
maybe that's why this one came home with me.

Friday, September 20, 2013

No Hill for a Stepper

Melanie and I 
At the beginning of the trail,
about to climb 
Old Baldy,
in Garner State Park.
It's been almost a month since we returned home from our annual week long RV trip
to a great RV park situated on a bluff just above the clear crisp water of the Frio River.
It's nestled among beautiful gnarly live oak trees and several pretty high hills
(which are considered mountains by this Texan).
The trip is definitely one of the highlights of my year.
I think we have been going to this park for well over 8 years.
I went with one BIG goal in mind...
to once again climb, what is known as,
Old Baldy.
Mind you, it would not have been my first trip up to the top, 
as I have climbed it probably 3 or 4 other times.
But, not for awhile.
I was determined to do it this time....
a gift to me on my 56th birthday!
I, along with my daughter, Melanie, 
took out the very morning of my birthday to conquer 
"the mountain".
It is quite inspiring when you reach the the top, 
as there is a huge additional pile of rocks there...
with the United States flag flying high and mighty in the wind
(when it blows)! 

I have to tell you....it felt good.....going up,
but especially good coming down!

I have been traveling quite a bit this past year to teach.
Tucson, AZ., Houston, TX., Coronado, CA., Round Top, TX.
Phoenix, AZ.
I have one more teaching gig for the year, and it's next month, 
once again in Round Top,  
Art Retreat at The Prairie.
I am way excited, 
as I will be teaching three new classes.
 From Rhinestones to Infinity
 This is a fun new class for me.
I have incorporated a huge vintage rhinestone brooch into this design,
along with some beautiful links called Double Infinity links.
These links were designed, and came straight from my friend Cindy Wimmer's book, 
The Missing Link,
 which will be out next month.
I, along with many other wonderful jewelry artists, 
was thrilled to be one of her guest designers.
Cindy has a pre-order link for it 
I'll also be teaching another new torch fired enamel class
Ruffled Poppies
Lots of fun techniques in this class!
Scroll down the page and read all about it here.
Last, but certainly not least,
I'll teach a fun bangle class on Sunday.
Birds of a Feather   
So, won't you come flock with us in Round Top? 
 I can't begin to tell you how much fun we have at this intimate setting.  
And, how can you not love anything Rachel Ashwell inspired?

~ diane~