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Monday, March 31, 2008

Odd Shots on Monday

Odd to some, but not to all~
Gazing Globes
Almost forgotten, but making it’s grand re-entrance into the world of gardening is the beautiful gazing globe. Though the reflective, colorful globe might seem "odd" to some folks, the gazing ball is rich in history and legend. The globe sports many names, depending on its use. The Garden Ball, Gazing Globe and Garden Globe are all names we call them in modern times. It’s been referred to as a Witch Ball, Butler Globe, Globe of Happiness and Victorian Ball.
If you wish to know more....go here for a full history.
Above shot taken last Friday. More shots from the wonderful Warrenton Antique Festival can be seen in the previous post! And~

Be sure and visit Katney for more odd shots!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

if i were a rag filled prairie doll.....

i would be sitting in warrington in a booth called eighty-one. i would have come here all the way from sulphur, louisiana. Warrenton Antique Show
Spring 2008
*just a few reasons why I love this show*

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


A set was ordered and is now finished for a sweet young lady. She loves dragonflies, so I thought these would please her. I cut an 18" length of sterling silver chain, adding a small spring clasp for closure. After I sprinkled on a couple of potato pearls, I wire wrapped 4- 6 mm swarovski crystal bicones onto the chain.
Simple earrings were then made using the matching dragonflies. But, I always have to make more. An additional pair of pearls and swarovski crystals ~ just for fun.
These will be delivered tomorrow night.
(Psst....Colette, do you see the pretty little box and my sweet little birdie watching in the background)?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

RV Trip to La Grange

~Things I loved about the Easter weekend~
1. Andre's dried sausage & T.C.'s spicy crackers * 2. Tomb at The Monument Hill 3. Kreische Home Smokehouse 4. Ruins of the Kreische's Brewery
Loads of Texas Bluebonnets outside of La Grange.
(I grew up just 23 miles from this beautiful Texas town).
This colorful sign in town caught my eye. (History of The Chicken Ranch found here).
But, no general store to be found!
~ And, when I returned home Sunday, I finished ~
My box of Art & Soul Fatbook 4x4's went out the door on Monday!

Thank you Lord for such a beautiful weekend with my husband, and family!
*Spicy Cracker Recipe
1 box Saltine Crackers
Mix well:
1 pkg. Ranch Salad Dressing Mix, plain or buttermilk
Crushed Red Pepper, (to your taste)
Dash of Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning, optional
1-1/3 c. Canola Oil
Place crackers in large container w/tight lid (ex: large glass or plastic pickel jar). Sprinkle mixture over crackers and close lid. Turn over and over until thoroughly coated. Let sit, but continue to turn over about every 15-20 minutes. Ready when oil has been absorbed. Thanks TC~Enjoy!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ever seen an outhouse like this?

Check out rules & links to other odd shots at Katney's.
Deluxe Texas Outhouse
(As seen outside of the booth of: Junk Gypsy)
This picture has been here before, but thought I'd use it for my Odd Shot this Monday, because on Friday, this is where I will be~Warrengton, Texas. There are many sites about the Semi-Annual Antique's Festival on the web, but you can start here if you so incline.
I wish my grandparent's outhouse would have looked like this one. Then, maybe I would have been a little happier to go there ~ NOT.
(Note from last week's Odd Shot: Anita guessed it right~it was a homemade gas tank (for a 1971 Jeep). Some others were really close. I really appreciate all the guesses!)

May the Lord of All Bless Your Life

He is Risen!

I pray today has been a day to celebrate the risen Lord. I pray today has been an opportunity to praise God, spend time with family, and seek your purpose in life; and that which Jesus died for. May God bless you my family and friends!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Texas Wildflowers

Bluebonnets, the state flower of Texas, are some of the most beautiful of all our spring wild flowers.
Even with Easter arriving earlier this year, I have seen them popping out all over our landscape. Our wonderful rain last year, no doubt, helped alot.
Each year, we took alot of pictures in the bluebonnet fields near New Ulm. This part of Texas has some of the most traveled bluebonnet trails in the state. We were blessed to have them right in our back yard.
One of my mother's younger brothers, Benny, home from Germany, where he was serving in the Army; standing in the field with my older sister Debbie and I.

Every year, my other grandmother, Rosa or Rosalia, (of Rosa & Josie's), sewed our matching Easter dresses. She was a wonderful seamstress, and made alot of our clothes. She sewed with no patterns. She made beautiful wedding dresses for several young ladies in town. She was a small Czech woman who loved to sew, cook and garden. She also grew beautiful flowers in her yard. When I was probably 8 or 9 years old, my Mom dropped me off at her house, and she taught me how to embroidery. My sisters and I did not stay much at their home, as they did not speak much English. They spoke only German. In fact, my Dad did not learn English until he began First Grade. This is the grandmother I probably inherited most of my artistic talent & desire from; and the one I talked to the least. I wish I could talk with her now, and show & tell her what I've learned. I'm sure she would be proud.
God Bless you this Easter, and may your memories from Easter's past be as much a blessing to your soul, as mine are to me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Behind My Granny's House

Easter was always one of the best times in my childhood. It was the time we would all gather at my granny's house. My mother's family was large, as my grandparents had 13 children. Every Easter, all the children came to New Ulm to see each other, and see their mother. It was sort of a reunion, now that I look back, but never named such.
Some brought a potted plant of white Easter lillies, others brought orchid coursages. They all brought food. I don't really remember much about the food. But I do remember alot about the Easter Egg Hunt at the schoolhouse. After lunch the entire family (there were alot of cousins in this group), drove to the nearby schoolhouse, where the older adults would hide Easter eggs, plastic filled eggs, and candy amoung the Bluebonnets, Indian Paint Brushes, Easter Phlox, Buttercups, Wine Cups and clover that covered the school yard. You see at this time, the school had been closed for years. No longer used, but kept from becoming running down. It was the school my father, mother, aunts, uncles and a few cousins attended. In later years, the Lutheran Church purchased the land and old schoolhouse, to use for Vacation Bible School, Sunday School and more.
The above picture is of me and my younger sister. It was taken on the back steps of my granny's house or my mother's parent's home. It was by no means elaborate. But to me it was like being in Heaven, because this was where I was loved unconditionally. I miss my Granny this Easter. We would have lots to talk about.
More pictures to come, as I remember Easter's past~

Monday, March 17, 2008

"Odd Shots on Monday" + An Irish Blessing

"May you live a long life full of gladness and health"
~Irish Blessing

My odd shot today, is both odd and beautiful to me. I really like the look of rust. I can't remember when I didn't. Can you guess what this is? If you can, there will be a little Irish treat in store!
Check out more odd shots, and if you'd like to participate, go see Katney.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

flowers, little bottles & a horse

Spring is here in Texas, as my kalanchoes are blooming the most beautiful brilliant red.
These little bottles are another part of my Art & Soul project. 40 glass bottles filled with shells that I cracked small enough to fit thru some very small tops!
These little mop discs were much harder to crack with my trusty hammer than I expected.
This is a horse pin that I am selling. The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo has been going for almost 2 weeks, so rodeo fever has hit our city one more time. It is the largest rodeo of its kind, and draws alot of attention each year.
I was fortunate enough to receive some beautiful Japanese dyed cotton fabric from a kind & generous yoga class friend. I used 20 gauge copper wire, but will try some 22 gauge next time.
Gotta go now. Time to tie some bottles onto 40-4x4s!

embossing for the (art &) soul

now that i've discovered embossing, i am looking at what can i emboss next? this new little artistic embellishing trick (for me) is bringing me much joy. is it simply the act of repetition or a new discovery of what's been buried deep inside my artsy soul?
this is exactly why i decided to go to Virginia. to find out more about myself; and,
what God may have in store for my life and my art.
i pray you have the most fabulous weekend, as you know i am!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

knee deep in fibers, pearls & paint

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give". Winston Churchill
Last November I chose to throw my hat into the group, and participate in the "Original" Art & Soul Fatbook for Hampton. It has been challenging. You must know, I have never really journaled, collaged or "fatbooked" before; so this was becoming a little more than I could chew. I'd walk away, close my eyes & dream on the bus (okay I was really sleeping), draw & doodle at luchtime, breaktime and all-the-time. I knew I could do it. The night before last, it finally happened~the idea came together. Thank you Lord.
I knew it had to start with color. Color makes me happy, and how could I not get color from the theme, "By the Sea?" All the beautiful colors I'd gathered this past couple of months, in fibers, threads, beads, paints, tags, pearls, crystals, pens, papers & wire; had finally stopped dancing round & round in my head & and landed onto my little 4" x 4" piece of painted watercolor paper. I now can see & hold one in a pair of very thankful hands. (Only 39 more to go.....) Hallelujah!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Odd Shots on Monday~Touch of the Master's Hand

~ My odd shot, taken in front of the Lyric Center in downtown Houston, reminded me of a Wayne Watson song I loved from the very first time I heard it~
.....And many a man with life out of tune~All battered and scarred with sin~Is auctioned cheap to a thankless world~Much like that old violin......
Touch of the Master's Hand~Wayne Watson~Album "How Time Flies" 1992

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Texas Mountain Laurel

When Melanie moved from Houston to the hill country, I found myself being drawn to the Texas Mountain Laurel. I thought they were just one of the most beautiful shrub/tree. And, their fragrance is just devine.
Yesterday, while in the front yard, I looked over to the flowerbed where mine has been growing for at least the past 4 years. I couldn't believe what I saw. Blooms!!!! My very first. I was beside myself. I even called my dh out to take a look. He was mildly impressed-lol.
They have the most deepest, darkest purple grape-like flowers I have ever seen. So delicious!
This afternoon, if it had not started raining and gotten so cold, I would have gone back out to see how many more blooms had opened. I am hoping that this weather doesn't stop it from coming out full and beautiful. I have been waiting patiently for this day!
May you have a blessed and safe Friday.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Odd Shots on Monday-Necessity, IT is the Mother of Invention

You had to be there Saturday to know how much this made me laugh! The only way this would have been funnier, is if it had been duct taped on instead.
I believe this weekly challenge will be alot of fun. You may want to join me! See the simple guidelines here at Katney's Kaboodle.
May you have a blessed week my friend, and may YOU never loose your tailpipe!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

a sea of charms

In May, I will be traveling to my very first Art & Soul in Virginia. I decided to participate in a Charm Swap.
In January, when I first thought about it, the message read~
We've got EIGHT people who are participating in a Charm Swap for Hampton A&S.This project is a definite GO!We're going with a "By the Sea" theme to collaborate with the theme of the event.I'll be arriving on THURSDAY, so you can get your swapped charms right at the start of the retreat and show them off to everyone! Well, it ended up being thirty-two. I can't wait to see what the others look like.
I am happy that I finally came up with a design I was pleased with.
As Terri would say~
C'mon down by the sea - the water's fine!