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Monday, May 21, 2012

take me back to The Prairie

The Prairie was a dream come true...for both Barb and I.
And, Deryn.
Deryn and I actually ended up staying next door in a B&B called Meyerland Farm
which turned out to be quite the experience.
The farmhouse we stayed in was the original family farm house that Pat and her husband Felix Meyer, stayed in while the house they are now living in was built.
The very first afternoon we had an opportunity to sit in these rockers and sip a glass of wine, while the cool breeze poured softly across the long front porch.  All I could smell was the mounds of star jasmine that grew in a flower bed next to the house.
 Even the little screened in porch would have been a great option any of the days we were there.  But, we had teaching to do, so that never happened.
Each morning we arose, walked across the yard to the "big house" and enjoyed the most scrumptious breakfast spread you could imagine.
I can't believe I don't have a picture of any of them....just too excited I guess.
Then we would hop in my Expedition, and drive less than a quarter of a mile, actually just down the road to the next gap, to begin our day at The Prairie.
Look at this beautiful classroom at the Ranger Lounge.  
Barb and Erin had decorated it beautifully.  The students were amazed when they arrived and found their names on some special "Prairie Flowers", along with personalized name tags & gifts to boot. 
Day One began and ended without a hitch, and for that we were most grateful.
And, in the process, some beautiful pieces were being designed in both our classes.
 This was Kelli's Crystal Confetti in progress, 
which she finished once she got home.
 Marcy had her's on the next day!  It was gorgeous!
Several of the ladies, 
once they attached their focal just couldn't add another thing to it... 
they were just that stunning!
I couldn't agree more.  
Sometimes more is too much.
Here's Lee with hers on before she left that afternoon.
And, this was Rita's in progress sometimes during the day!
All so different, and all so beautiful.
I was proud of each and every one of them.
Here was Deryn's classroom, held on the opposite side of the Ranger Lounge,
on the first day.
It became mine on the second and third,
as I taught a new two-day class I call
The first day was filled with metal prep work.
 First inside.
Then outside on the back porch of the Lounge.
Erin became a pro with the Dremel.
Once these steps were finished, it was on to etching.
Here are some of the finished pieces made on the first day, 
after they enjoyed "playing" with Gilders Paste.
That evening after class, Barb had made reservations for us at 
Royer's Cafe, in Round Top.
The food was delicious, but the company was out of this world.
We laughed so much, and had such a great time....I have to tell ya,
I would do this all again in a heartbeat.
Day Two of Impressions
held more time outside, but this time laying down solder.
 What a great day with some great ladies.
It  ended with some beautiful pieces.
I am so proud of you ALL!
Below are LeeAnn's.

These are Agnes'.
And, then this is Erin's cuff...
Gosh, it all went by so fast.
And before I knew it, it was time to go...
But, not before I rode the scooter!
 Okay, I do some crazy things when I am WAY tired!
This was one of them.
Thank God, I didn't fall down and break my neck....
I was driving Deryn and I home!
So, if you are wondering if this is going to happen again.
Well yes, as plans are now in the works for two retreats in the Fall.
In September Barb will be having a mixed media art event, 
and then in October Deryn and I will once again be teaching jewelry classes...
all new ones!
Watch for more details here and at Vivi Magoo.
You won't want to miss any of them.