Sunday, November 20, 2011

using what i have

"Heart Strings"
I have the tendency to buy way more than I need ~ of anything.
I sometimes sit in my little design space and think I feel the walls literally closing in on me.
Seems once a new idea flies into view, I go all out!
Delving into a new assignment this past week, 
I have tried to turn over a new leaf.   Don't laugh.
I told myself, use what you have.
You have much....just will find all you need.
And more.
I did. I have.  I am happy.
 Other news is that my dear friend, Barb Solem and I visited 
 this past Wednesday to begin work on her new venture, 
an art retreat (to begin the Spring of 2012)
Beautiful and inspiring...the day was.
An unusual (for Texas) 
cool breeze was gently blowing.
I literally wanted to jump into every bed Rachel had dressed in each of the 
quaint little cottages on site.
 This picture was actually taken in the downstairs bedroom of the big house
 There are two more additional bedrooms upstairs.
Then onto the 
I don't know what to say about this darling cottage, 
once a barn...except...
I want one!
 Every bed, including this day bed in the barn, 
is full of Rachel's pillows.
Next, we stepped into the Cornflower Cottage
where Barb had stayed the night.
 And, lastly...
Reserved for The Prairie event next Spring by Barb, 
for she and the instructors.
Then it was back to the 
 Once a horse barn, creatively redesigned into a communal meeting/eating space by the previous owner, Lenore Prudhomme
The classes will be held here, with plenty of space to spread out back.
And, of course, 
Rachel had angel wings everywhere.
Simply divine.


Barbara Lewis said...

What a magnificent spot! I think you could just sit there for hours daydreaming in that ethereal space!

Carol said...

Simply, beautiful. Oh, I can just imagine how easy it would be to get creative in such an inspirational space. Oh, how I love Texas. My only question, where oh where do I sign up? Thank you for sharing with me this morning.



krys kirkpatrick said...

This looks amazing love to get more information on your art retreat. I am on the same path. I am doing more classes at our hutch studio, and would love to teach a class at your retreat. How about chris and I teach a whirligig class, or a paper house chandelier class.

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh man, I want to live there!! How beatiful is that? Great pictures Diane, thanks for sharing. Love, love! Have fun with the project. Xox Riki

Lovey said...

Beautiful...I so love this look!!!

the old white house said...

WOW when you use what you have you create sheer beauty! Those are gorgeous! How lucky to be able to go the The Prarie! It looks like the best place to create and relax. t.xoxoxo

VS said...

Oh..I wanna be there too too!!! I love every one of these fabulous pictures Diane....simply Devon's!!!

CraftyHope said...

First off, I know the feeling of too much. I struggle with it all the time. I know that I would be a bit more creative if I wasn't having to wade through the sea of plenty. It's so hard not to just pick up a thing or two here and there before it simply becomes overwhelming. I'm glad to know you are trying to work with less. Thank you for inspiring me to remember to try to do the same.

Secondly, OH!! What a shabby chic paradise you've found. LOVE!

steufel said...

Oh my, what a spot:-)

Daryl said...

I am a big lover of shabby chic

Diana said...

Wow what a fabulous venue for a retreat Diane! You and Barb are really onto something. Look forward to learning the details. I know it will be a sensational success.

In the Light of the Moon said...

Wow so much coziness..makes me want to take a nap..heehee.
It's Funny just today I was video taping my space for A.G and I thought holy smokes I have way to much "stuff" Glad to hear I am not the only one.Heehee.
Big Hugs,Cat

Tami said...

Hi, Diane,
The Prairie looks so inviting and refreshing!
Do you, or will you, have an on-line class for your thimble bundles? I would love to learn how you make these.

Kelly Snelling said...

hmmmm, clickity, clickity, squeak, squeak, squeak. that's the sound of my wheels turning. i wonder if your new assignment is anything i might have also been assigned. hmmm...:D curiouser, and curiouser! gorgeous business all around!

Jen Crossley said...

Really Beautiful spot what a dream come true.