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Monday, July 27, 2009

Right There

Michelle Ward's Crusade No. 32 is right where I am today! I have wanted to post about her latest crusade (since the beginning of July); but a vacation trip, an anniversary, an ER visit, LASIK surgery, a beautiful 5 month old grandson, class proposals AND a full-time job, have put me just a tad behind.
But, here I am, past all of the above distractions, with not a care in the world! Really! Working on class proposals made me realize just how much my jewelry has changed in the last five years....two years....one year!
Techniques have been refined. Lessons have been learned.
I believe you know I have a deep affection for vintage jewelry. Especially, vintage rhinestone jewelry. And, more than that~vintage rhinestone brooches, shoe and dress clips. Just let me loose at an antique mall, store or festival, estate sale or Etsy and eBay! My husband says I am keeping the UPS driver from loosing his job. Yes, he is right....I am.
There is just a certain kind of magic about old rhinestone jewelry. I especially love when the rhinstones are grayed. Reminds me of tarnished silver I suppose, and you know how I feel about that! Without revealing too many details (*wink*), I have to share once again, one of my original rhinestone pieces. The one above (which is just another shot of the piece I used in my blog header), was designed in November 2008. However, my very first piece came around August, 2008.
This line I call "Rhinestone Dreams". Maybe because I dream of using vintage rhinestones (so much).
I had a great time working on the class proposals. Can't show you the pieces (just yet), but here's a small peak. I love this piece.
And, this one.....
Now, onto my next project!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is it just ME?

Or does every little girl growing up want to be a princess? AND, even when she is ____+ years old, she still wants to be a princess! First, we want our daddies to treat us like one. Then, in elementary school we want boys to think we are one. (Don't laugh too hard). And, it continues on thru grade school, AND high school.
When we are finally grown and have gotten married, we still want to be THE princess! I don't believe we ever get over it! I know I didn't. Well, maybe in the fairy tale sense.
But, even if a broken rhinestone crown still gets me going........I bet it does you too!

Earlier this month I found out about a new event coming to Houston in March, 2010! Yes, Adorn Me! 2010, will be held at the Embassy Suites in West Houston. Linda Young, ART Unraveled, was in town making sure the new facilities would work for the jewelry only event! I cannot believe it will be in Texas, AND just a short drive up the freeway from Katy! A dream come true.

I have been feverishly working on class proposal(s), so keep me in your prayers.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Corrales, New Mexico

Welcome to another one of Seth Apter's brainstorms.
Here is what Seth posted on his blog, The Altered Page, today~
Welcome to Buried Treasure: an online, collaborative project that invites art bloggers to go into the depths of their blogs and dig for buried treasure. Each participant was asked to repost one (or more) or their favorite posts from their own blog. There are so many brilliant artists out there but so little time to explore all their work fully. This gives us all an opportunity to see highlights from posts we may have missed from over 80 artists!

This is my choice of buried treasure from my blog archives, dated March 25, 2009. It brought back some wonderful memories.
I found I could say things with colors that I couldn't say in any other way -- things that I had no words for. ~Georgia O'Keeffe
I do know I see way more beauty than I can explain in words. Beauty I feel deep in my heart and in my soul. I felt this way in New Mexico. Now I understand what Georgia O'Keeffe wrote about, as she lived out the later part of her life in Santa Fe. The Chocolate Turtle Bed & Breakfast
Color never became more vivid to me than in Coralles, New Mexico. This is where New Mexico began to come alive deep in my artistic soul.
We spent only one day in this quaint village, but I know it has left a lasting memory inside of me. It is nestled just outside of sprawling Albuquerque. Our time in this unique bed & breakfast, owned by Nancy and Dallas, proved to be an unexpected highlight of our trip.

After a little shopping and having dinner in town, we came back to the B&B. First, there was a (much needed) soft rain shower, and then a double rainbow. How could it have been better than this?

I will proclain the name of the Lord; how glorious is our God.
Deuteronomy 32:3

It was hard to leave. But I will be back. I just know it.

You can see more door shots each Thursday! Just go see David McMahon, who is a wonderful author & photographer, with quite a sense of humor, I might add.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Groovin'

We love to take our RV to camps located on Texas rivers. It is the only way to tolerate the hot Texas sun. All we have to do is get into the water when we can't stand the heat any longer. We have been doing plenty of that this past week.
Each year, one of our first trips of the summer is to New Braunfels and the Guadalupe River. We are still here, but I thought I'd share a few pictures I've taken since arriving last Tuesday.Much to our surprise, the river IS still flowing. The water level is a little low, but perfect for sitting in a lawn chair right smack dab in the middle, if you like. On Tuesday night, we made a run into Gruene to eat dinner, as it was our 23rd wedding anniversary.
I love this guy! He is the best!
Melanie gave this birdhouse to us several years ago at Christmas. It goes with us on every RV trip.
Just below our camp is this wonderful water falls. Maybe we will be closer to it next year, as it is just so relaxing to sit outside each morning, drink our coffee and listen to the cold rushing water of the Guadalupe.

While in Gruene, we stop in one of my favorite antique stores in Texas. Gruene Antique Company, located in downtown Gruene, is housed in a building built in 1903 by Henry D. Gruene. It was a place where tenant farmers could buy their wares and do business on the weekends.
Since 1986, the antique shop has filled the large center room of the building which once held dry goods for sale, and the east wing which housed Gruene's original bank vault (pictured above). The shop is now packed full of vendors and their antiques.

Yes, I did bring a box of tools and jewels. I am always working on a project or two. I have much going on in my world. Perhaps a class submission or two....I like it that way.

Monday, July 06, 2009

It was more than the class

I have to tell you..inspiration is in every nook and cranny of Stephanie Rubiano's home.
Saturday a week ago, I traveled to Austin to meet two artist friends, Deryn Mentock and Sally Turlington, to attend Stephanie's class,

Magnetic Personality.
Here's Deryn and Sally in front of Stephanie's wall in her living area. Look at those letters. How very cool is that?
(She looks like she could be my grandmother, Josie's, twin sister)
Stephanie had prepared our dolls ahead of time by adhering them onto the boards. But, it was our duty to cut her out using our jewelers saw.
After a little sweat and determination, they were ready to be dressed.
I used card stock, charcoal pencil, vintage velvet ribbon (thanks again Riki!), a metal rose (given to us by Kim Loya), peacock seed pearls, cotton lace, MOP stars and beads, vintage copper findings, and waxed butterfly wings! Stephanie set up a waxing station, and we waxed real butterfly wings, lace, silk and vintage hankies.

Here are more dolls dressed up in their finery~

Deryn's, Kim's and CeCe Grimes
I am so sorry I didn't get more pictures of all the beautifully dressed dolls that day! I did meet another sweet soul, Jennifer Rowland, who came along with CeCe. Then, there was Mary from Austin, and Beth who came all the way from Beaumont.
I'd like to share just a few more photos of Stephanie's home, studio and her inspiring art.
This original perching pixie by Stephanie came home with me...isn't she darling?
You can find more in Stephanie's Etsy Shop.

These pixies went home with Deryn and Sally.
This beautiful doll stands proudly above Stephanie's faux fireplace in her dining room.

There were lots of pixies hiding out in her studio.

Finally, I did have to make a short stop at Uncommon Objects, on the way home Sunday. I looked thru every vignette much more carefully this time, and came away with a bag full of goodies. This place is way fun!

Thursday, July 02, 2009


" Riches"
My entry for the first Reader's Challenge shared on Objects and Elements. Susan Lenart Kazmer and Linda Larsen posted this challenge, and promise more to come! Yesterday they showed some of the entries that already been sent in. Very nice and quite unique. I now have Riches listed in my Etsy Shop. This was fun!