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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Funky Finds Giveaway Reminder
The huge February Jewelry Giveaway begins tomorrow, Sunday, February 24th! Prizes have been donated totalling over $500. Guidelines will be posted here tomorrow morning. Katy Prairie Cuff will be part of the giveaway.

The above pieces are also waiting for sale. If you like, I will put them on Etsy for you. Just e-mail me!
1. Bali Dangles w/Dark Topaz Czech- $24 2. Turkish Silver w/Yellow Jade - $24 (reduced)
3. Swarovski Cube Necklace - $28 4. Multi-strand Czech Crystal Cuff - $45 (reduced)
~Have a blessed Sunday~

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

White Elephant Antiques Warehouse

I have been in Dallas this last week attending a seminar. While there I wanted to squeeze in a few antique shops. I didn't have much time, but my wonderful husband took me down Industrial Boulevard, which is close to the Market area. Luckily they were not far, or my request may have been nixed. He helped me search, AND had no idea what I was searching for. Isn't that some real love? I did give him a hint~that I wanted old books~for my journals; or for their contents to be used in my newest artistic projects. I searched, prodded, scoured, and poked into the back of a couple of shops. You know the places. It is usually way in the back, where the dust has been sleeping & gathering for quite some time. Just when I thought I had no treasures to bring home, he said, "Did you see those magazines on the shelf in one of the back booths?" "No, did I MISS them?" Yes, I had! I RAN back to see, and there on an old white bookshelf were 5 copies of The National Geographic Magazine from the year ~ 1953. I thought, wow, these pics are wonderful....and I love the feel of this old paper. No price tag on any of them. But, 2 did have 1.50 penciled on the front cover. Could that be right? I took a chance, and brought them up front to pay. The check-0ut fellow said he would call the dealer for their price. No answer. "Well, I am selling them to you for $1.50 each, and if that is wrong, that is too bad!" My knees were trembling by this time, not just because my toes were crossed, but because I had scored a giant "find" for me!
So off to one more shop, White Elephant Antique Warehouse. The check-out fellow from the first shop had suggested I might like this one. I knew I liked the name. Mind you, these shops were not the flea market type, but the high-rent type, with a wide variety of furniture, art, primitives, china and the like. Not what I was originally looking for.....remember, I had limited time AND my husband was along~God bless him! I saw old schoolhouse emphera~flash cards, rubber farm animals, metal book lockers, building blocks (before the lincoln logs kind) and even old teacher daily log books. This particular booth was SO cool, but the prices were WAY more than I wanted to spend.
However, I did find a table full of stacked books. All kinds~cookbooks, travel books, art books, AND....and one large German Encyclopedia-type book. Written completely in German, copyright 1984, I can read only a few words here and there. But, what it has is 670 pages of german words printed on old wonderful paper & ALOT of pictures. Wonderful, vibrant colored pictures...and I only paid $8.39. Oh, yes, I did get 5 old tin cigar cases at $1.50 each, which I plan on rusting this weekend.
More importantly, I had one of the greatest Valentine's Day I can remember.
Thank you, Allen. I love you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

All these earrings ( and bracelet & necklace) are for sale. If I had more time they would be listed on Etsy. If any strike your fancy, I will put them there for you! Any questions? Just drop an email or leave a message here! ~ From top to bottom~
1. Yellow Jade - $14 2. Czech Amethyest - $16 3. Bali w/Turquoise Czech - $26 4. Turkish Silver w/Yellow Jade - $26 5. Swarovski Cube - $28 6. Bali w/Dark Topaz Czech - $24 7. Bali Dangles - $26 8. Czech Chandeliers - $30 9. Lampwork Art Bead - $24 10. Swarovski Crystal Cube Necklace - $32 11. Czech Swings - $18 12. Czech w/Bali Elephants - $28 13. Multi-strand Czech Crystal Cuff (middle pic) - $48
Katy Prairie Cuff
* is in the giveaway *
Don't forget that Funky Finds is having a jewelry giveaway February 24th-29th. Just click on over there. On the left margin you will find the above little red heart. Just click on it and it will take you to the page listing all the participants and their giveaway gifts. Mine is the Katy Prairie Cuff , very similiar to the one listed on my Etsy shop.

If you click here you will see the January giveaway instructions. Just keep in touch, I am sure you will get more details as the date draws closer.
Hope you have a blessed day and rest of week!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

it was calling my name~

The beauty of the south Texas lease is always whispering in my other ear~

You know, the kind that pulls at your heart & soul. Telling you that peace and solitude can be found here. The kind that only the wide open spaces with no deadlines, phone lines, or store lines can give you
a whole lot of party lights when night time comes around!
And, best of all you get to wear these little beauties. Of course, these are not mine. You remember mine from another post. They are my dear sister in law's, found at the Hunting Extravaganza last year.
And then, as we were packing the truck to leave, this little chirper was singing a song so loud I could not ignore. He was saying to me~stay here where all is clean & simple~in my little world.
It was a tough choice.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working"

Pablo Picasso's quote rang true last night, as I was adding new listings in my Etsy shop, in preparation of the Main Showcase I am in today.
Have a blessed day!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Bucket List Winner

Today was the day to draw the name out of the hat for the bucket list winner. And it was:
Here was her winning entry. After I read it, I wanted to grant all of her wishes. If I were a fairy god mother, I would, sweet Anita~
My Bucket List, more or less:
It's very simple, nothing grand in the world's eyes, I'm sure... But they are things that I haven't done, and a lot of them are things I really don't expect to ever do... But I sitll hold out hope!
1. See an ocean.
2. See the California Redwoods.
3. See New York.
4. Write a book - fiction, or non-fiction...published or not!
5. See BB King in concert. (had several other performers on my list, but most of them are gone already)
6. Learn to cross-country ski.
7. Figure out who I really am..
8. Ride a horse.
9. Fly in a plane.
10. See London.
And, the quote on bloomberg was:
"I am not an adventurer by choice but by fate".
~ Vincent van Gough ~
I believe that pretty well sums it up for me!
~This little prairie bracelet will be on the way to Kansas tomorrow~

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ruby Quartz

This Ruby Quartz Necklace has just been reduced on my Etsy shop~just in time for Valentine's Day and shown on the Main Showcase tomorrow.
*plus a few of the other pieces as well*


Originally uploaded by Rosa & Josies

For Scent of Water Photo Swap-January 2008 Theme: Simplicity

v. to disclose or make known; to expose or bring into view; discovered: no longer concealed
Last Sunday, I ventured out into the foggy morning to snap pictures for the Scent of Water photo swap. This picture was taken across the street, where a small open field remains yet untouched by hungry home builders. This is our neighbors chain linked fence.I did not see the designer of this work of art, now in view because of the heavy misty fog, but I was sure its net would be empty until the sun burned off the dew.
Taken in Katy, Texas 1/27/08

The photo was mailed, hopefully received yesterday, to my recipient in Mississippi. Last minute I decided on the one previously posted, but had enhanced with Photoshop. Instead, I bought a nice "golden wheat" colored mat to send along. I liked the way the project turned out. I hope she likes it as well!