Sunday, May 30, 2010

the time is now

Beginning tomorrow I will be featured as a guest curator on  If you have not had the  opportunity to see Jenny Doh's newest endeavor, you are truly missing alot.  
Each day I find myself anxiously following the links that each of the four curators for the week, share with you and me.  Links that may include a good book, inspiring music, fantastic recipes, or wonderful tips on how to design a new art journal out of tea boxes.  
I catch myself often being transported to faraway lands, printing out free vintage art, learning a better way to organize my workspace, or finding out there are new textures I can use in Photoshop~for free!  And, if you miss a day, there is always the archives to go back to.
If I had all the time in the world, I would never be able to hop, skip or jump around in blog land this much to learn of all the resources the guest curators/artists share so freely and willingly.  
It is simply amazing to me.
I believe Jenny says it all in an exerpt she posted today from her launch party remarks on May 21, 2010. 
CRESCENDOh was founded on a dream that had been percolating for several years. It is a dream that seeks to shout from the mountain top about how art can bring about the best in us. That art can help us cope, art can empower us to make a positive difference in the world ...
  Please go here to finish reading the post, as it is most inspiring!
I hope I have inspired you today to perhaps "pay it forward".  Take the time to reach out when you can to a fellow artist, or to your neighbor, or to that lost looking person on the bus.  You may not know you have been entertaining an angel.  Or, maybe really makes no difference.
....take my hand
.....we'll learn together.
Today, I would like to share another one of the inspirations in my life.
My mother.  
She endured a life that consisted of an alcoholic father, a home full of children (as there were 13 in her family), and many days not having enough food for all to eat.  
My grandfather was the town barber, but she grew up during the depression, and times were so tough in a small town in Texas.  She helped pick cotton, making only $3.00 a day for a 100-lb. sack.
But, she told me she did get a free meal, which meant alot to her.  
Have you ever had that need not met?  I never did. 
She and my father always made sure we had plenty to eat.
Thank you Mom.  
You took my hand, and taught me compassion. 
And, for that, I have been blessed.
(texture credit on photo above:  Shadowhouse Creations)


Barbara Lewis said...

Diane, Congratulations on the honor to curate Jenny's site! I'll be watching. It's amazing when people like your mom take adversities and turn them into beauty ... which is obviously what she did with you!

Charlene said...

GREAT POST!!!! Congratulations on being featured on Jenny's new Cressendo. I can't wait to read it. I know it will be wonderful because everything you do is amazing. Have I ever gone without a meal like your sweet Momma. NO! Thank goodness (you can tell the answer just looking at me) Oh how I wish I had a piece of peach pie from Royers RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!! Hugs

the third generation: your dd said...

*tears* of love, hope, and inspiration! o:-)

VS said...

Sweet Diane,
I love this tribute to your Mother!!! The photo is beautiful of you & her, what a treasured memory.
I'm excited to see your guest spot on Crescendoh, really what an honor. Your blog & your art are inspiring & amazing. I'm so proud to call you friend.
Big Hugs of Congratulations!!!

Anne Lorys said...

I've been reading about the featured artists each day since you brought this site to my attention. I think this is just a fantastic endeavor, and even better since we're getting in on the ground floor!

All the best,

stregata said...

Congrats on being guest curator on Crescendoh! And thank you for sharing about your mom - sometimes we forget how very blessed we are...

Debra@CommonGround said...

Truly, women in the blogging world are the most generous and giving I have met. Time, ideas, inspiration, friendship...I'll be checking in at this new site to see what it's all about. This was a wonderful post, Diane. Loved hearing about your mom and family.

Stacie said...

I am rushing over to read your new inspired! Congrats on all that is happening to you...remember, you inspire all of us is so fun watching your big ol' wings expand and get bigger everyday!

Candylei said...

Hi: How wonderful to find your blog. I loved reading about your mom and how she made all those experiences work into a positive outlook on life. Those are the types of people we all want to be around!
x, Candylei

Esther said...

very moving story of your strong mother.. i understand better now why you do princesses jewelry with all those vintages elements that your mother did'n have..we are blessed .. depression was very hard time.. you play with all the games she did'nt have.; beautiful tribute. (sorry for my poor english.. your post desserve a long answer.. )

Alice said...

Thanks for sharing the story about your mom. It's amazing what people of that era endured, and how it shaped their lives and those of their children.

Congratulations on being featured as guest currator for Jenny Doh!

Kateyed said...

I am so thrilled for you and loved what you wrote. You are such an amazing person!

IT Support Melbourne said...

Your mom is a wonderful person. You are so lucky to have your mom and dad as your parents. They are really good parents.

paperbird said...

lovely post, congratulations on your feature your images are lovely.

Daryl said...

Beautiful tribute ... and what a lovely honor ..i

steufel said...

Congrats Diane, and you deserve to be featured on her site. Your work is great. regards Stefanie

My Grama's Soul said...

Found you thru Fiona and Twig today. I am a follower already. Congrats to you on being featured. I. too, had a similar background as your sweet mom.....did not find art till late in life.....but it has helped me disappear many a time when I needed it..

Blessings to you dear friend,


Seth said...

A big congratulations for being on Crescendoh. I am looking forward to following all your links!

Rebecca said...

Just popped over from Fiona and Twig. Love your blog and the inspiration here!
Congratulations on your new endeavor with Jenny's website, I will have to check it out.
Have a great week

Susan Tuttle said...

this is wonderful news Diane -- a big congratulations to you:))

Lovey said...

Diane, congrats on being Guest Curator!! WhooHoo!!!That's amazing! Such a beautiful post as well. You are full of inspiration! And you always inspire me!!
Thanks for the comment on my blog, too! In response: Diane, That's what I'm talking about! "You go Girl..!"I really mean "woman!" Smiling...
You Rock!!

Cindy said...

So sorry I'm so late to congratulate you on your guest curator post over on Crescendoh...WOW!! What an honor. I enjoyed reading every word that you shared about your life, and how it has shaped you in to who you are today...and especially the tribute to your dear Mother. It is amazing all of the hardships she endured...and just look at you, her daughter. Such a source of inspiration and a role model to so many of us. I'm so proud of you!

Meg Wolff said...

Your mother was so beautiful. How are you doing? (And no I've never had to worry about my next meal either.)

I've been busy with my upcoming cookbook (A Life In Balance: Recipes From Maine), but I'm officially back to blogging again!

I'll visit xox

A bird in the hand said...

A wonderful tribute to your Mom. If we put together stories of our Moms, the ones that survived so well, we'd have a fabulous book of Mom power.

Thank you for the Crescendoh link!

Kari Desi said...

Dear Diane, I just read the article on Crescendoh. I found it so inspiring and encouraging. There are a few similarities I share with you, like growing up in a rural area, walking my life path alone and embracing art later in life. What a blessing art is! Thank you for sharing and offering your hand. Art truly does save.

HappyDayArt! said...

I loved your story! You are an angel!

XO Catherine