Wednesday, May 19, 2010

imprints on my heart

Look what came home with me from San Antonio!
My daughter found it under her carport.
This is surely a sign of love. She is so very allergic to wasp bites, and is deathly afraid of anything that even looks like a wasp or bee.
She picked it up for me. Isn't
that real love?
Just this morning I was listening to the radio....the speaker said something that's struck a cord in my very soul. She said there are things that happen very early in our life that will put an imprint on our heart. It will give us a direction. It causes us to react or not react.
It will case us to walk a certain path.
I am sure of it.
You know how much I love chandeliers.
I saw some of the most beautiful ones ever at Marburger Farms.

Photos to follow after the weekend,
as I have been oh so busy preparing for the second class I'm teaching for
The Art Guild of Rural Texas

Etched & Layered Jewelry

There are still a few spots open.
Won't you join us?


mairedodd said...

what a gift of love for sure! and your class sounds fascinating -

steufel said...

I'd love to join your class, unfortunely I'm ca. 6000 miles hopefully you'll show us some photos of the event on your blog!



Anne Lorys said...

Hi Diane!
What a beautiful wasp nest! That one's definitely a keeper!

That is so true about certain things leaving a lasting imprint. The challenge is not letting the bad leave a scar, but rather using it as a tool to become stronger. Make sense?

I hope you have a wonderful evening!

Riki Schumacher said...

I really believe how they described imprints on the heart. Once damage is done, it is so hard to mend it back. And vice versa! Love the wasp nest, those are amazing. And good luck with your class this weekend. It will be fabulous!! Just like you! Hugs, Riki

Debra@CommonGround said...

Wish I was close, I would be there for sure, your jewelry is amazing! Love the wasps nest, and I feel like your daughter, I'm so allergic to stinging critters!

Anonymous said...

Oh Diane, I wish I could take that etched and layered class, it looks awesome! I hope I can get into one of your classes again soon, you are the best.
Loves, Marcy

Cindy said...

You've given us something to consider - imprints on your heart. Hope you have a wonderful time this weekend with your Etched and Layered class...I'd be there in a heart beat if I could! The students that make it to your class are so fortunate!