Saturday, May 15, 2010

project completed

I love it when a plan comes together, and with no real premeditated plan. It always amazes me....and makes me realize just how blessed I really am.
Have a great weekend my friends =)


VS said...

What a lovely little bag!!!! What a delight to get to open it up & see what surprises lie within!! :)

Diana said...

Yummy! The perfect bag to embrace one of your wonderful creations!

The Joy of Nesting said...

I know what it is Lady Di!!!(the secret project that is)

Using my finely tuned,investigative abilities which allows me to read between the lines(even if there are no lines)I have deduced the secret mission you have been given!! :) You have been commissioned to create one of your devastatingly beautiful Crystal Princess Drops for the completely super hero of TV and screen Mr. T !!!! What?? How was I ever able to ferret this out??? Oh soooo transparent you are Lady Di!!!! It was a dead giveaway when you unconsciously gave me the key to unlock the whole puzzle. Oh now it's not your fault, you surely can not be held accountable my dear. It's very few people in the world with as extensive,intelligent,and complicated set of dendrites as mine. My little gray cells are constantly shall we say "pumping iron"!!! Okay back to business. How did I know. So easy when you apply logical thought processes. Your fatal mistake the dead givaway was uttering the phrase "I love when a plan comes together". That dear Lady is Col. John "Hannibal" Smith's favorite phrase. He was heard to utter it at least 3.3339 times during every episode. :) Now "Hannibal" was the team leader for his mercenary rescue team, The "A Team" So already we deduce that you have spent quite a bit of time with 'Hannibal" His favorite phrase was easily imprinted on your impressionable artist mind, without you realizing it. :) Because we artist are just that way. Now Hannibal surely would not be ordering the princess crystal for himself. As we all remember his only personal adornment was that nasty ol' cigar hanging out of his mouth!! Can't be "Face" because he is way to insecure in his Manliness to wear what could be mistaken as a girly girl necklace!! As far as crazy Murdock, the crystal is not the correct shape to realign the universe's delicate girospection therefore worthless. Now that only leaves us one person BA Baracus aka. Mr T. Now here is a MAN who is confident and knows that he has more manliness in his little finger then any man will ever have. He LOVES Bling in fact the Bling-lee-er(yes, that's a word) the better! Therefore it could only be Mr T's upcoming birthday. Which brings us back to Hannibal commissioning you to make the Princess Crystal Drop, you spending to much time around him and unconscious use of his favorite phrase thus leading us to only one logically acceptable deduction: the plan that so unplanned came together was creating a Princess crystal drop necklace for Mr. T's upcoming birthday :)

You see my dear how easy that is when you are blessed with the amount of dendrite enriched little gray cells I have:) Course it's one of the many benefits of being a life long Federal investigator. We are only the Best of the Best in the entire world! Heck the entire universe!!!!!! There are no secrets you can keep from me ;)

Have an audacious weekend filled with a bit of art making!
Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

PS. Lady Di your fabric bag is so incredibly beautiful!!With it's quiet elegant use of simple laces and fabrics!! PSSSS, do you think it may be just a tad bit to romantic for Mr. T's gift bag???? Just a thought!!

Are you busting a gut yet??? Course even I lost track of that convoluted reasoning. But if it made you smile for a minute it's a "Good Thing" ;)

Riki Schumacher said...

Ooh, this is yummy Diane, love it. Hugs, Riki

stregata said...

It is sooo beautiful - how intriguing! Just gorgeous!

Cindy said... it, Diane. The colors, button, lace and all! :-) I hope you're enjoying the weekend with your daughter and Mom!

steufel said...

Beautiful and so romantic - love it. regards Stefanie

Kateyed said...

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. This is a darling little bag you made. What a perfect bag for your jewels! I need to put you on my favorites so I don't miss checking in. Love what you do. We are up to our neck in getting ready for a show. Tripping on beads. Things all over the bedroom. Good thing I have an understanding husband!!!

Kateyed said...