Friday, May 28, 2010

tears of a clown

Bud's Clown
Royer's Cafe, Round Top, Texas
I have long returned from teaching in Fayetteville a week ago Saturday! It was wonderful, as usual, to watch the students work their way thru the class, this one being Etched and Layered. Each one using their individual talents and style to design a cuff, beginning with beautiful brass components I brought in from my friend Jill at Brass Bouquet.  Some added additional layers of rhinestone or vintage lace~like Charlene, or perhaps a gorgeous vintage button that was her grandmother
's~like Pat.
Lookie at the picture Charlene took of her cuff.  Isn't it gorgeous?  She used a piece of Jilll's brass, called Kathleen, on top of her etched cuff.  Below it is a single layer of vintage tulle, some like I will have listed in my etsy shop beginning in June.  (I will have just a limited supply of goodies I will be listing).
You can see more details and pictures from our class on Charlene's blog.
You know how I love to share my photographs!

I took lots of photos at the end of class, including a couple of great group shots, which also included pictures of each of their beautiful cuffs.
This past weekend was no different.   Almost.

Most of my pictures are gone. Poof ***in thin air*** not there. 

Actually, only two pictures were on my camera when I downloaded the photos, one being Bud's Clown, which I actually took at the end of the day on Sunday.
I am crying just a bit, as you have no idea where all I traveled this past weekend.  And, not alone mind you, as after the class on Saturday, my good friend Charlene and her dh, along with my dh and I, went out to dinner. Then we stayed in one of the best B&B's in Texas, called The Outpost at Cedar Creek.
I do have one great picture of Lenore's activity center, which in fact is a converted horse barn (and is simply gorgeous inside), only because I had visited the property last September and taken some pictures then.

We stayed in The Shelby Guesthouse.
I so wish I had photos to share with you, as it was amazing. I loved everything about it. From the wide planked wooden floors, to the softly gathered gauze curtains hanging from one piece of rusty wire above each window. Can you say, French Farmhouse~with a Texas flair? Quite unique and one of a kind. I cannot even tell you the photo ops I grasped that day....taking pictures as if I would never ever be able to take another picture~ever!  Charlene does have some posted on her blog, so please hop on over there to see pics of our great adventure!
 The next morning we went down to the activity center for breakfast. It is just the coolest. And, the breakfast was scrumptious.  Then we jumped into Charlene's minivan and headed to nearby Burton to visit with Linda Marcov, of Willow Nest Farm.  We toured the property she has for sale, which includes a potting barn, gorgeous garden, two workshops, a large storefront and a gorgeous "B", as Linda calls it. Not a B&B, because as the owners they bring the breakfast in, but do not stay on the property. It is simply gorgeous......just like Linda. 
Just watch her blog banner, and you will see pictures of it there.  

I bought some gorgeous silk ribbon, vintage corset ribbon and this stamp set, 
which I love!

  After we left Burton, we drove to Leftovers Antiques just outside of Brenham. I told Charlene it was an amazing store. It is. If you ever have an opportunity to visit, you won't regret it.
 This is a picture I had taken last fall when my dd and I stopped there on our way to or B&B.
After pulling ourselves out of Leftovers, we headed back to Round Top to eat at Royers.
That is where I took the picture of the (creepy) clown.
Oh, did I tell you I started the Digital Layers class of Susan Tuttle's on Sunday?
Yes, I did, and it is great FUN!


Debra@CommonGround said...

Wow, what an incredible weekend you must of had. Yes, and to me clowns are creepy. I think it's because I like to see people's real face and feelings, not hiding. Are L and L selling out completely? I need to go check out their blog. Have a great weekend,

Anne Lorys said...

What a fun post!

I've never been to the Royer's in Round Top, I've only eaten at the smaller one at Zapp Hall. DE-LISH!

Those cuffs are stunning, I so wish I could make jewelry.

I can't wait to hear how the photog class is going!

Have a wonderful weekend!

VS said...

Oh Friend,
It sounds like such a wonderful class & weekend & you got to spend it with our friend Charlene!!! But, oh...your pictures!!!!
I truly do feel your pain, I just more then HATE that when it happens. You painstakingly document your special event with photographs considering the composition, the people, searching for wonderful backgrounds, some things you may never see again. You go home excitedly to download them on the computer when...poof, they are gone! I accidently had pushed the erase all frames rather then erase 1 frame....Hate it!
Thank goodness others took pics that you could share & Imust tell you. I'm afraid of clowns, I don't know why! So to me, it is a little bit creepy, but all clowns are creepy to me, LOL! :)
Happy Memorial Day to you & your family!!!

stregata said...

So sorry your photos disappeared!!! How devastating. But good to hear you had a good time. Love the printing set!! And those lovely little bags you made for your students - gorgeous! You already know I adore your cuffs - and to describe the etch as a kiss of texture - pure poetry!

steufel said...

Wow that sounds lile you had a lotta fun. Thxs for sharing. regards Stefanie

Lisa said...

Hi Diane,
Love Charlene's cuff, will go check it out next. I'm working on one for a Paper Cowgirls swap. Intimidating since I've never made one before. It's fun tho, & what a great way to use beautiful little scraps. Thanks for sharing the pictures from your latest journey. Almost as good as being there...almost. Have a great Memorial Day. Lisa

Charlene said...

Oh sweetie what FUN we had!!!! I still am remembering all the different things we saw & did. I LOVED our time together, my cuff, your class... You are an amazing teacher! My friend Sandy is hoping you will choose to teach this cuff class at ADORN ME in 2011since she is planning on coming in for that. And I did ADORE Leftovers. It was just as wonderful as promised. Too bad your sweetie doesn't like to shop as much as mine does. I have trained him WELL! HUGS! Charlene

Kateyed said...

Well, I missed you. I have stopped over many times ad have wondered where you have been! I must have missed that post that explained it all.

It sounds like an unbelievable full of sharing your knowledge and having fun with dear ones...I know how that sort of thing can just fill you up and I hope you are feeling all filled up!

I am sad about your pictures, too. I would have loved to have seen them and that is disappointing for us who love to view what you do and your great skills at capturing it. I will hop over and look at those other sites so I can get a feel for it.

I've been at the Mayo Clinic with my brother all week...a hard week...more on my blog.

When are you coming to Minnesota to teach, huh?


Riki Schumacher said...

Great job Diane, love all those places you guys went. I'm really jealous! You lucky dogs. Charlene's bracelet is wonderful, good job teacher! Hugs, Riki

Cindy said...

My goodness, Diane, what a jam-packed blog post. You have been up to SO many wonderful things! And I have to say first off, that I am SO sorry about your pictures. I know that is absolutely heartbreaking!! Especially to such a wonderful photographer such as yourself. I'll stop by Charlene's blog though to see what you two were up to! I'm glad fun was had by all in your cuff class...Charlene's piece looks gorgeous, and I love the idea of adding the tulle! You two stopped in some incredible places...would love to visit any one of those shops one day! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend! :-)

Daryl said...

Oh I love that stamp set, I see you using it in so many ways and/or just setting it out to admire