Wednesday, May 12, 2010

walk the walk

"Road to Fayetteville"

The first weekend of May I participated in the Fayetteville Art Walk. It is a juried show which for the second time, I had the honor of being a part of.
It was also my first opportunity to use my new banner, which I am so in love with.
(I even had a customer ask if he could take a picture of it Susie!)
I am so pleased with how it turned out, and it hung so perfectly at the back of my tent.
The weather had been threatening rain every day heading into the show, so we were really biting our nails hoping the clouds wouldn't crack open until after the weekend's event. Turns out we had two days of mostly overcast weather, which was great, but wow....the humidity!
Sunday was simply the best.
I have come to know, and should have way before now, that if one day is not that great, then the next seems to make up for it double time. It did, once again.....on Sunday.
I left that weekend with very tired feet but smiling happily to myself, thankful for new friendships, and so very happy to come home with a little lighter load than when I left.
This little etched & layered cuff came home with me.
I am so in love with etching. It is by no means a walk in the park, but the results far outweigh the steps to get there.
(I am teaching this class in Fayetteville, at the art guild, on May 22nd.
There is still room. For more details, look on my left margin).
I remember exactly where I found the gorgeous vintage art deco brooch I used in this piece. It was lying in one of the large glass jewelry cases that stands in the front of Uncommon Objects in Austin. This store is so chic and so organized that all their vignettes are color coordinated. So, yes, even the jewelry in their cases are coordinated, which makes for quite a display.One of the nicest surprises I had that day, was when I looked up and saw this lady walking into my booth. I knew her. "Are you Annie?", I asked. She said, "Yes!"
It was indeed
Annie Lockhart.
I jumped up, ran around the table, and we hugged like
we had known each other for years! It is just that way isn't it? We read about each others lives so much, that we come to know each other way before we may actually meet. It was a great surprise to have her and a friend stop by and visit. She has a beautiful spirit about her. We didn't get to talk near enough, but I believe one day we will meet again.
I just know it.

I also had the pleasure to meet Deb Taylor. She is quite the spunky lady! I didn't get a picture of us together, and I am so sorry I didn't. She and I visited several times during the weekend, and even did a little tradin'. She and her partner own a gorgeous B&B in Round Top, and she is quite the artist/photographer.There were 65 artists represented in this 11th annual event.

I used my vintage card rounder for the first time. I picked it up from a vendor outside of Cole's in Warrenton this Spring. I think I paid $16 for it. Quite the bargain! I love how it sits on top of my table and can easily spin around. It holds my earrings perfectly. I think I will dig out my grandmother's old wooden clothes pins to use as clips next time.

I can't begin to tell you how soothing it was to hear the beautiful harp music each morning.
The notes seemed to float thru the air like butterflies.
And, I have been sewing!
I am smitten with all the vintage lace, netting, ribbon, tatting, silk and buttons I scooped up in Warrenton and Marburger Farms. Remember in the previous post where I told you about the bag full lying on my studio floor? Well, it has slowly been landing on top of pieces of soft leather and is now part of my romantic line of cuffs.Yes, there was also lots of great food, including a sea of pies being served by the famous Royers Round Top Cafe. I managed to resist this time.
But a piece of it really looks good right about now....


Diana said...

It looks and sounds as though your event went well. I am sure your jewelry was well received. Bravo my friend.

Karen said...

Hi Diane
Once again i can only say that I wished I lived closer to these events! It looks like it was fun.

Barbara Lewis said...

What a great post! I love your photography ... not to mention the cuff! And, the earring display is great too! Thanks for sharing this with us. It is the best feeling to come home with a lighter load ... now you have room to make more!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Lady Di,

By all appearance you had an amazingly magical weekend!!! One you certainly have earned, with all the love and passion you put into your art!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

stregata said...

Sounds like it was wonderful. Lovely photos - yum! Hope you share those romantic cuffs with us - I am dying to have a peek!

Chris said...

How lovely! How fun! Man, I wished I lived in Texas~~just to see you at your favorite haunts. Your cards and jewelry are a delight~~I'm in LOVE with your etched cuff! I etch with ferric chloride now but hope to buy the nice set at is a process! But I agree with you wholeheartedly---the results are worth it.
Love you gal. So fun to see your joy as you walk on your creative faithful loving journey.

Charlene said...

Counting the days until I take that class & can make a bracelet like that for myself (& hopefully others!). I can hardly wait to see you & hubby can't wait to meet your sweetie! And let's have a Royers Pie for late night chattering. Hee Hee I can see us now sitting at the antique table in our little farm house... happy as wrens in a nest. HUGS! Charlene

Daryl said...

What a great way to show off your most exquisite earrings ... taking my prize to Nashville tomorrow .. I did decide it was right for my friend's 60th birthday gift .. tho you know I was almost going to keep it for myself ...

Cindy said...

Diane, what a photo tour of the art walk weekend! Looks like it was quite memorable, and I'm glad that rain held out. Just look at your gorgeous must have been a happy site to see for the visitors. I don't know how you resisted a slice of pie...that particular slice looks heavenly....yum, yum!

Anne Lorys said...

Hi Diane!
What an honor, but of course you deserve it. You are so talented!

Thank you so much for entering my book giveaway, good luck!

All the best,

Laura said...

I am so glad I found your blog this evening. I am a Texas blogger as well (South Texas).

Your work is just beautiful.
I am now a follower, and I look forward to reading past posts.

White Spray Paint

I loved that line in your profile of watering at dusk.

VS said...

Oh this post is awesome!!! I love seeing your work displayed & getting a chance to see the banner in your booth with Annie Lockhart & the hang tags & the cool spinning card holder...fantastic! I love the idea of using your vintage clothespins to hang them from. It looks like a wonderful art weekend friend. :)
Daddy's doing a tiny bit better & my sister came for the weekend so I got to come home today. I'll have to go back Mon. but it feels SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD to be home for a minute!!! I will catch my breath & start all over again, but for now...I'm home.
Thanks Friend for all the wonderful, good thoughts you send my way.
Smiles again,

Riki Schumacher said...

Way to go Diane, the show sounds like it was wonderful. You did a great job on your display, and the pieces are great. I've been sewing too! You talented little lady you! Hugs, Riki

Kateyed said...

I am so glad things went so well! You have lovely things. I wish I could come to your etching class. I want to do that.
We always seem to end up near the pan flutes. They are fun for awhile...then...not very relaxing!

We have a show coming the first weekend in June and I am hoping for good weather. For some reason we seem to get rain that weekend. The people who tun the show make us stay to the bitter end, even if it pours.

How did you get your banner done? Will someone like Kinko's do it? Was it expensive? Our banners got drenched last year. We changed colors...used to have a beautiful sign...and just did some pennants at the end. That's another project!!!


Jill Fiore (Brass Bouquet) said...

Sounds like a super time. And I love the look of your booth. Seeing your photos and hearing your stories makes me feel like I'm missing out on some great country. -- Jill

Lovey said...

Vintage lace and trims oh my...