Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tracy Arm, Alaska

In recent geological times, within the last 400 years, a glacier sat at the mouth of Tracy Arm depositing large amounts of gravel & rock. This produced a recessional bar seen at low tides. The ebb flood of water into Tracy Arm has carved a narrow opening through which we navigated on this day, September 13, 2006, on the Dawn Princess. Once inside the bar, the water depths increased rapidly to over 1,000 ft.
What made this part of the cruise so, so beautiful was the tremendously steep fjord walls, hanging valleys, many waterfalls and how the rocks of the mountain glistened like they were newely polished, but really, had been done by the the glacier that pushed thru here so many hundreds of years before. The color of an iceburg, like the one above, only comes from a glacier; such as the one hanging between the mountain peeks in the picture below. The ice of a glacier never melts, giving it that beautiful "cornflower" color.....
This is what we saw as we entered Tracy Arm....we had no idea what we were about to, not even a dream could have given us a clue of such breathtaking beauty!

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