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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Red Onion Saloon .....est.1898

Skagway's most exclusive bordello....
Opened for business serving alcohol on the first floor while the upper floor satisfied more than the prospector's thirst. The brothel consisted of 10-10x10 cubicles, or cribs. Each had a hole in the floor which connected to the cash register in the bar by means of a copper tube. In order to keep track of which girls were busy, the bartender kept ten dolls on the back bar, one for each girl in each of the 10 cribs. When a girl was with a customer, her doll was laid on its back. When she sent her money down the tube, the doll was returned to the upright position signaling she was ready for business.
Allen enjoyed a glass of Alaskan Smoked Porter and I a glass of Cline Syrah! It was a FUN stop with alot of action upstairs. No...the bordello is closed; only tours telling of what once was!

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