Sunday, October 22, 2006

These are the moments that mean the most!

Last year I went to Orange Texas to sell my jewelry at the Third Annual Art in the Park. It was just a little over a month since Hurricane Rita had come thru and tore the people of Orange's world apart. But they came out and tried to enjoy a day of shopping; trying to get past the sorrows they had experienced the last month. On that day, a loving daughter named Margaret Light, came into my booth and purchased a necklace, made of Owyhee Jasper, to give her mother for Christmas.
This year I went back to Orange Texas to sell my jewelry at the Fourth Annual Art in the Park. Just before the sky completely broke loose with rain, in comes a woman pushing a little lady - it was Margaret and her mother! She said, "Mother wanted to come and show you she was wearing your necklace!" She looked at me and said, "I love to reach up and touch it. It feels good to touch!"
I did not know what to say....but thank you! And I ask this...."What could be more beautiful than that?"


dawn said...

that is just dang special.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story. I bet that was a very moving moment for you.

I'm anxious for you to get your jewlery up online. I want to look to see if there are any pieces I can buy for family this year.