Monday, October 16, 2006

Lobster Tail + Baked Alaska = Heaven

We sat down at our tables on the last "formal night" not knowing what delights were in store for us this evening! It was ALL Alaska tonight, so we ordered the lobster - of course! Nickolai extracted each one of them carefully out of their shells (for me) I remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman - I could see my lobster tail flying across the table landing on Barbara's lap! They were grilled to perfection and extravagantly delicious....but then the lights were turned down low, and viola, the Parade of the Baked Alaska began! They came flaming by - carried by the waiters! I now have a new "favorite" dessert. Just once in your lifetime you MUST try Baked Alaska! I believe I died and went to dessert heaven after eating this! But first, Nickolai, the assistant waiter, came and drizzled the desired amount of warm chocolate sauce right on top! One last shot of our head waiter, David, from South Africa and his assistant, Nickolai, from Romania. They were at our beckon call each and every night. This cruise gave us the lasting memory of a dining fantasy that came to life!

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