Sunday, October 22, 2006

Memories of Grandma's Beets....

Every year my Grandmother canned just a few pints of beets. I was the blessed recipient of one of them! I could not wait to twist that cap off and devour those deliciously sweet/sour red chunks of pickled beets! Well, just recently my mother came to visit and what did she bring to little ol' me? A small brown paper bag of fresh okra from her garden, and a pint of her pickled beets! The next day I boiled the okra, sprinkled a bit of freshly ground pepper on top, and proceeded to polish them off! Oh yes, and I added a few chunks of those wonderful beets to my plate! Sound like an unlikely pair? Perhaps. The point is, this made me remember one thing I miss most in this, not those wonderful home-made pickled beets; but my Granny Schultz. I loved my Granny so much....thanks Mom - for helping me remember!

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Anonymous said...

A grandmother's love is ... unconditional. Sweet, sweet story, Mom.
Fancy pants picture too!