Sunday, October 22, 2006

Allen, the Chef and the Chicken

Allen, John & I attended the Culinary Demonstration & Galley Tour on Friday, September 15th. The Head Maitre D' Luigi Moretti, and Executive Chef, Josef Stummer (below), were the speakers and comedians! They kept us rolling in our seats. The two demonstrated some wonderful dishes; including an Apple Strudel, vienna style, in which the chef used the tablecloth to roll the strudel dough. There was a cookbook for sale, of course. Chef Josef exclaimed, "The cookbook is free, but my autograph will cost $28!" We all laughed, and promptly went thru the galley for the tour. Afterwards, Allen & I got in line to get the free cookbook. When we got to the chef for his authograph, he asked Allen, "Who is the cook in your family?" Allen said, "I am!" The chef took off his hat, plunked it on top of Allen's head, and handed him the rubber chicken. I was waiting for that golden photo opportunity....and here is the results!

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