Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vendor Night & Rhine$tone Dreams

After taking a class all day on Friday, Vendor Night came way too quickly!
It was a fast & furious set-up, but promptly at 7 pm the doors opened wide, and in poured the students.Little did I know that my daughter and her friend had made plans to come in from San Antonio! It's NOT easy to surprise me. But, believe me~they DID!
It was the best part of the evening =)

I met new friends....Amy Hannah and Pam Garrison.
Keith Lo Bue and Richard Salley.And, nearby were old friends.
Riki Schumacher, me, Diana Frey and Deryn Mentock.

In the back stands Charlene Gray, who helped Diana at her vendor table all night! She is such a great friend and student!

Just one more shot of friends~both old & new!
Me, Riki Schumacher, Ruth Rae, Amy Hanna, Stephanie Rubiano,
Pam Garrison & and Diana Frey.

It was a long day AND a long night, but I loved every minute!

I had chosen to take Saturday off. I was glad I had decided to rest and not take another class before I taught again on Sunday.

~Rhinestone Dreams~

It was a small class, but it held three incredibly talented ladies.

Thank you so much for a great day. I think your necklaces rocked!

Check out Marcy's here.
Click on picture to see bigger view =)

Aren't they all so different, yet all so beautiful?
That's what it's all about.....making it your own.
I am so proud of you all!


Charlene said...

I love the way you re-worked those photos. The lighting in there was terrible. What a great time we all had. Is the etching class still a go in May? I hope so. In Houston? Just let me know. HUGS! Charlene

Cindy said...

I can just feel all of the excitement coming from these pictures...all of the big smiles from people having so much fun! And what a line up of wonderful instructors...the dream team! Your students were so lucky to have an almost private class with you..and their necklaces are all so gorgeous! :-)

brandi said...

~by the pictures you've shared and the words you have written is was a day filled with pure bliss...beautiful indeed are the pieces those three created...what caught my eye the most on your page is your crystal princess drop...heavenly is that piece...l♥ve...was just at your etsy shop and saw only the tutorial...which you offering the how to is simply divine but has that piece been sold??? well wishing and brightest blessings upon you always~

Riki Schumacher said...

Beautiful pics my friend. Oh, makes me want to be there again! Love what your class made, and I know they loved taking the class with you. Now if we could just move you and Charlene closer to us out here on the west coast?? Hugs, Riki

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet to show my necklace and link to the blog. I have showed all of my friends your blog, so you will have a lot of new followers now! Thanks.

Daryl said...

What a wonderful talented class .. of course being with such a good teacher how could it go any other way!

Chris said...

How fun this looked! And your sweet daughter surprise was the BEST~~ I'm glad you had such a great time and you shared your pics with us~

Stacie said...

Wow! It looked like you had a grand time and you and your daughter are mirror images of each other!