Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adorn Me! 2010 Days 2 & 3

"Cotton Tops"
After one day of teaching under my belt, the next few days were spent with one of my best friends, Riki Schumacher. We actually took three classes together, and the first was a 2-day class, Found Object Sandwich, with the master, Thomas Mann. Who by the way, had just celebrated his 40th Anniversary as a Metal Artist. I must say, indeed he is! Not only did I FINALLY learn to use my jeweler's saw with ease, but I learned the dynamics behind many of my bench tools.
I came home with a new flex shaft, a
nd a head full of ideas. I believe a 2-day class is the way to go, and I know that for sure, especially after taking a 2-1/2 day class with Stephanie Lee last Spring, in California.
However, the best part of this class, REALLY was getting to hang out with Riki. She is such a great friend, and teacher, as I am sure many of her students came to know in her classes.
We had waited almost a year for this day.
We had much fun, and didn't waste one minute of it!
Here are a few pictures of my Found Object Sandwich while it was a work in progress. I had etched a piece of brass at home,
knowing I wanted to use it in class.
There are actually four layers shown here, which we worked on, one at a time.
Thomas assured us that our picture was still positioned correctly under the plexi glass!
Yes, he was right~it was!

The picture I used for this project, you probably have seen before. It is a re-sized version of a cabinet card I have of some distant cousins, and is part of my sister's series.
I never tire of these little blonde haired dolls.
I had also brought a piece of filigree I wanted to use, and had found a robin's egg blue stone in one of Thomas' bins. He even drilled the hole in the stone for me in class!
But, once home, I continued to work on it.
I added another piece of brass, but I still wasn't satisfied.
On Monday I received a shipment of brass from my favorite brass supplier, Brass Bouquet.
Jill hand-patinas all her pieces in her studio, and has the most gorgeous filigree.
You can also find some of her items in her Etsy shop.
That was it. I added this piece and another smaller one.
Now....I am done!
Here is Riki's FOS piece. Isn't it gorgeous?
She really added a lot of extra pieces on hers. A brass lock plate from home, and plexi glass, which I believe Thomas guided her in etching. Isn't it gorgeous? Her story can be read here.
I found out I had more friends in the class, once it started!
One I have known only by phone, for several months, Lisa Monroe, (first photo, far left) is a gifted PMC artist from Waco, as is Lorena Angulo, (first photo, far right) who lives in San Antonio, and then a new blog buddy, Marcy Antle, (third photo, in the middle) from Georgia, was also a part of the class! Marcy was in my Rhinestone Dreams class, which I will talk about later.

The back of my FOS is just as beautiful as the front. Well almost.
Always look at the back of a piece. There you will see the true mark of a master.
I met one at Adorn Me! His name is Thomas Mann.


Laurel said...

OMG that looks like such a wonderful class! That Mr. Mann is something else, isn't he? Not bad to look at, either!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Ohhhh Miss Dy,

I think your week at Adorn Me is the perfect example of the phrase "It doesn't get any better then this"!! How lucky and blessed you are!!

Save room for me in your classes next year please!!

You surely have done an excellent job of assimilation and mastering the techniques from Thomas' class!! Your piece turned out beautiful!!

Thank you for the recommendation of Brass Bouquet!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Riki Schumacher said...

Wow, Diane what a fabulous post my friend. Makes me want to take the class all over again. I miss you so much, we did have a ball didn't we? Amazing we actually got our pieces finished. I LOVE how you finished your beautiful pin off, it looks fabulous. Thanks for posting my little project. It's too heavy to wear, ha ha! But by golly, I got that lock plate on! I can't wait until the next time we get to take a class together and laugh all the way through it! Here's to next August! Love and kisses, Riki

mairedodd said...

what an incredible class... your piece is just so beautiful and i love going through it layer by layer with you...

Daryl said...

You are SOOOO talented ..

Anonymous said...

Oh Diane, your Thomas Mann piece turned our wonderful!! Of course, we all knew it would!!! And you had a photo of me, how sweet. You and Rikki are quite a pair, I wish I lived closer so I could be the third muskateer???? You are both so cute and fun. I hope we can be together in future classes. I am love-love-loving my rhinestone dreams creation from your class.
Loves, QueenMarcy

Cindy said...

Diane...days 2 & 3 sound as if they were equally fabulous!! What a nice treat to meet Riki and take a class together....and oh my goodness, just look at those projects you completed! They are both so the vintage photos and all of the layers and details. Thomas Mann's class sounded like it was full of wonderful techniques and information. Can't wait to see more!

Lorena Angulo said...

You Thomas Mann pin is gorgeous !
I like to see how you make it your own; that is very nice.
I had a lot of fun at Adorn Me! and hope I will be there next year again.

Esther said...

wow Diana !! what a beautiful post!! i love your fos!! you did super work on this ! ( Well done The last bigger filigree , even if the stone is beautiful inthis way is More mysterious.. a stone shadow.. perfect!!) i Will work on my backsides more and more! thanks for all you teach!

stregata said...

Breathtakingly awesome! What a beautiful piece. I have to go take another detailed look. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!

Jen Crossley said...

OMg how gorgeous is your pin I would so love to do his class one day.Looks like you had a ball

Sharon said...

What gorgeous creations, and I love the pics of you and your dear friends. Keep them coming! xo

Chris said...

Thomas Mann! Wow~~how cool that must have been. I love the piece you created and the explanation of how it "came together". Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. I sure wish I could have been there too!

Flor Larios Art said...

Me encantan loas cosas con sabor antiguo...muy bonito!

Romeo said...

WOW how incredible! You have such talent and are lucky indeed to have been able to attend ArtFest! I can tell it was an incredible experience! Viewing your post was inspiring - makes "her" want to learn to do this type of metalsmithing creation. Beautiful creations!

Romeo and "her"

Diana said...

Your piece is amazing, Diane....bravo my friend. Wish I could have joined you and Riki. I know we can expect fantastic things from you using your new skills learned from Thomas Mann. Miss you, too!

Pretty Things said...

Those pieces are amazing! And congrats on the new magazine!!

Unknown said...

Hi Diane, I read about your blog from Vintage Susie-your work is stunning!

Charlene said...

How did I miss all these posts? I must have been asleep at the wheel. Your piece turned out so great!!!! I don't think I saw this piece you did in Thomas's class. Riki brought hers upstairs & I saw it in her room but, not yours!!! Can't wait to see it in person. HUGS! CHarlene