Friday, March 19, 2010

Ever felt like the tin man?

I have been known to wear myself out! Bet you know what I mean.
Adorn Me! took a lot of time and preparation, and I enjoyed EVERY last minute of it.
I am one to not sit still, and I think you know that by now, if you have kept up with me for any length of time.

I have been working the last couple of days getting ready to list the Crystal Princess Drop tutorial in my Etsy shop. It is now there.
I am also in the process of stocking my Etsy shop with vintage bits and more to cover this project.
If you decide to buy the tutorial, and are in need of some vintage supplies right now, please contact me & I will eagerly show you some of the vintage bits & more I have for sale, and then reserve list it in my shop just for you!
Don't forget about the drawing for the Crystal Princess Drop. Details are here.
I will choose a winner when I return from the Antique Festival, April 4th, 2010!
Crystal Princess Drop
So, looks like Day Two of Adorn Me! (which I spent with my great friend, Riki Schumacher and Thomas Mann*wink*) will have to be posted another day....
You won't be disappointed, it was all GOOD.


stregata said...

Still looking forward to Day Two.

Diana said...

I've been feeling like that tin man lately and could use a good oiling!! Congrats on getting your first tutorial up on Etsy...that's exciting. Hope you are doing well my friend. Miss you!

Stacie said...

Great job on the tut....and all the other super duper exciting things going on in your life right now....

Cindy said...

Hi Diane
I feel like the tin man around here too! I can only imagine how busy you are coming back from Adorn Me and with all of the new things you having going on. Couldn't resist your Crystal Princess tutorial...I'd love to make one too. I have vintage chandelier crystals ready to go...but can't wait to see your Vintage Bits and you have pictures ready already (I wanna see!!)? :-)

Daryl said...

Oh boy ... he is adorable .. stop posting these things I want them all.

Leslie Todd said...

Hi Diane,
I think I'm still recovering from Adorn Me too! It was nice to meet you! I want to take a class from you next time. I'll be watching your etsy store. Put my name in the hat for the Crystal Princess drop.

jackie said...

Thank You for stopping my the blog. I love all of your beautiful jewelry. I look forward to stopping by often .

Anonymous said...

DIANE! I just received my Jewelry Affaire yesterday and saw your article and gorgeous piece!!!! Congrats. Of course, you are used to this publicity, but it is still fun, isn't it??? I loved the necklace, but of course I love everything you make. Enjoy your spring, now that it is finally here.
Loves, QueenMarcy