Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Jewelry Affaire

There is absolutely no denying that vintage rhinestones give me a warm & fuzzy feelin'. The thrill of the find is almost as heart pounding as using one of them in that special piece,
AND then having it published.
If you look in my studio, you would say I have an infatuation with
vintage rhinestones. I choose to call it my collection thank you =) Every once in a while it all comes together. Know that feeling? It is when
you take that certain piece, lay it down on the table, take it apart, and then start adding pieces back to it. Ultimately it becomes a whole. A piece worthy to be worn or sold....or sent to a magazine in hopes it will be published.
I knew Jewlery Affaire was in the works. Jenny Doh and Stampington had talked about it for months. Beth Livesay gave out a call.
But, it wasn't until about two weeks before deadline that I saw it. The box.

Gorgeous creamy velvet on the outside, luscious soft satin in the inside....with a topper that almost made my heart stop.

The satin inside had the most soft buttery glow.
My mind drifted to a day.....
A day I would see my daughter in her wedding dress.

And, that is where it all began.
Often there is so much more behind the piece that's not shared in the magazine.
I understand, as there are space restraints.
But, just like Paul Harvey would say..... here is the rest of the story.

"Wedding Necklace"
I sponged the textured box, which held the necklace, with Ranger Distress Ink~Tea Stained. Then I used a favorite swirly design stamp, using more Distress Ink~Walnut Stain, to add additional depth to the box.
I wrapped the necklace in soft creamy tissue before placing it inside. T
ied it up with just the right color of vintage seam binding.
Then, laid it in the box.
But, there is still more......

~Tucked inside~

:the poem:

To my Daughter

How can a satin lined box hold all my wishes?

Or velvet coverd one

be filled with years of hugs and kisses?

I have you know,
they are all tucked inside,
Waiting for you to find this little box
and open it wide.
This jewelry was made for your wedding day,
oh, what a surprise!
To see the joy on your face,
and the love in your eyes.
I know of your thoughts,
What if this day would never come?
But I knew all along,
He had patiently been waiting
for just the right one.
So, please wear this necklace on your wedding day,
but, then don't keep it safely tucked away.
Wear it with your t-shirts and jeans,
and little black dresses.
Perhaps with your hair up,
or with your long flowing tresses.
I love you my daughter.
You know it's so very true.
Just remember the day
I gave this wedding necklace to you.


stregata said...

Oh, oh, oh, gorgeous! Now I am feeling all warm and fuzzy!!!!

Patty said...

I love how all of these have such intricate details, thanks for posting!

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Diane, this is so beautiful. The amount of work you put in to it shows, and the love just shines. Right down to the thoughtful, creative poem. I'm so glad you posted this, its fun to see "the rest of the story". You are a thoughtful, and creative artist. And congratulations on being published yet again, but I'm not surprised! Hugs, Riki

Daryl said...

Oh .. so lovely

and I have a thing for rhinestones too

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful gift and poem! and what a wonderful mom you are!

i have my premiere issue and love it.

Diana said...

Diane..You got me all teary eyed. What a lovely poem, necklace and such a beautiful keepsake box. I can just see and feel all of the love and thought you put into every element. Such a treasure!

Chris said...

How Beautiful! Romantic, caring, mother-daughter lovin'....oooo what a lovely way to start my Monday!

Alice said...

I've always wanted to get to Round Top Texas, but don't think I could drag hubby there.

Love the beautiful box and 'the rest of the story'--a beautiful poem sure to be treasured.