Thursday, March 20, 2008

Texas Wildflowers

Bluebonnets, the state flower of Texas, are some of the most beautiful of all our spring wild flowers.
Even with Easter arriving earlier this year, I have seen them popping out all over our landscape. Our wonderful rain last year, no doubt, helped alot.
Each year, we took alot of pictures in the bluebonnet fields near New Ulm. This part of Texas has some of the most traveled bluebonnet trails in the state. We were blessed to have them right in our back yard.
One of my mother's younger brothers, Benny, home from Germany, where he was serving in the Army; standing in the field with my older sister Debbie and I.

Every year, my other grandmother, Rosa or Rosalia, (of Rosa & Josie's), sewed our matching Easter dresses. She was a wonderful seamstress, and made alot of our clothes. She sewed with no patterns. She made beautiful wedding dresses for several young ladies in town. She was a small Czech woman who loved to sew, cook and garden. She also grew beautiful flowers in her yard. When I was probably 8 or 9 years old, my Mom dropped me off at her house, and she taught me how to embroidery. My sisters and I did not stay much at their home, as they did not speak much English. They spoke only German. In fact, my Dad did not learn English until he began First Grade. This is the grandmother I probably inherited most of my artistic talent & desire from; and the one I talked to the least. I wish I could talk with her now, and show & tell her what I've learned. I'm sure she would be proud.
God Bless you this Easter, and may your memories from Easter's past be as much a blessing to your soul, as mine are to me.


Chris said...

What lovely pictures and memories of your Grandma. I learned embroidery from my Polish mom when I was in second grade. I think it's what started me on my road to jewelry...colors and persistence!

I think the matching dresses are darling.

Sis said...

Oh, Diane, I absolutely LOVE bluebonnets! You make me want to just go over the state line and drive until I find some...

You were such a cute kid!

dawn said...

i love this post.

many memories of the dang sake of photos and 'not another patch of bluebonnets, mom!' of long ago which makes me want my camera and another patch of bluebonnets.


Daryl said...

What wonderful photos .. and memories .. Happy Easter to you!

kansasrose said...

Oh Diane, what a beautiful and touching post...the pics of you and your sis and lovely grannie. You all look adorable! I am teared up reading this...Happy Easter my friend. xo

kansasrose said...

That top pic of you in the your little dress, and with your just precious too! You should blow these up and frame them! ( or use them in your art journals!) They are beautiful...I love the faded, sun drenched look to them. Your Grannie was a marvelous woman...You have her DNA in your veins for sure! My Grandma Olinda died before I was born...she too was German. I can't wait to "meet" her someday. My mom said I inherited her love of growing flowers and her green thumbs. :)

Anita said...

I so love your photos!

Something about a man in uniform... ;)

You were such an adorable little girl!

Those matching dresses are absolutely wonderful... My sister and I always had matching dresses... even though we were 6 years apart...

Have a wonderful Easter!

Anonymous said...

You were truly fortunate to have grown up in such a lovely area. I am a "transplant" to the Cat Spring-New Ulm area and just adore it here. And, yes, the bluebonnets are a sight to behold!