Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Behind My Granny's House

Easter was always one of the best times in my childhood. It was the time we would all gather at my granny's house. My mother's family was large, as my grandparents had 13 children. Every Easter, all the children came to New Ulm to see each other, and see their mother. It was sort of a reunion, now that I look back, but never named such.
Some brought a potted plant of white Easter lillies, others brought orchid coursages. They all brought food. I don't really remember much about the food. But I do remember alot about the Easter Egg Hunt at the schoolhouse. After lunch the entire family (there were alot of cousins in this group), drove to the nearby schoolhouse, where the older adults would hide Easter eggs, plastic filled eggs, and candy amoung the Bluebonnets, Indian Paint Brushes, Easter Phlox, Buttercups, Wine Cups and clover that covered the school yard. You see at this time, the school had been closed for years. No longer used, but kept from becoming running down. It was the school my father, mother, aunts, uncles and a few cousins attended. In later years, the Lutheran Church purchased the land and old schoolhouse, to use for Vacation Bible School, Sunday School and more.
The above picture is of me and my younger sister. It was taken on the back steps of my granny's house or my mother's parent's home. It was by no means elaborate. But to me it was like being in Heaven, because this was where I was loved unconditionally. I miss my Granny this Easter. We would have lots to talk about.
More pictures to come, as I remember Easter's past~


Daryl said...

What great memories .. and thank you for visiting me and leaving such kind comments!

Anonymous said...

There I go again ... boo hoo'ing! Sweet tears ... from your beautiful words.
I love you, Easter Bunny.
Ps. CANNOT WAIT for our Mother's Day weekend ... and looking through/organizing old photographs! Please help plan. That, and participation in the spa day, if you'd like. My treat! You're worth that ... and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Anita said...

Fabulous memories... I miss my Grandma every holiday, and every day in between... lol
I understand COMPLETELY about her house being the one place you felt unconditional love - thats the way my grandparents house was, too!

Love the picture!

Chris said...

Oh Diane,
How CUTE you are!!! I love this picture of you and your sister. And it's fun to read about your Easter memories. What a wonderful thing family can be. And your Granny sounds like a beloved influence on you.
Love you!

kansasrose said...

OH hon..reading your memories and seeing your beautiful old photos is so heartwarming! Your heart is true and sincere dear Diane! You are and were a beautiful girl! ( as is your Melanie) You have such a pure spirit. Gosh I'd just love to hang out with you! We could have some GOOOOD downhome times In Texas and Kansas girl friend!

When my winery is in production YOU will be numero uno market tester...lol. LoveyaSweetTexasBlueBonnetbeautyDiane. Bring on more of these great stories and pics! :) xxxooo

A bird in the hand said...

Happy Easter to you!
Your photos remind me of the fields of bluebells I've seen in in Northern Ireland.

I talk to my grandma. When her eyesight started failing (before she got prescription glasses), she would ask me to thread her needles. She was a lace maker and created beautiful linen and hankie borders with a needle. Now, the tables are turned. I have trouble threading needles so when I get frustrated, I always call out to her and the thread goes through the needle EVERY SINGLE TIME! And I giggle every single time too.

A bird in the hand said...

P.S. I will be wiht MY sister in Texas for a long weekend next month. :)