Tuesday, March 11, 2008

knee deep in fibers, pearls & paint

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give". Winston Churchill
Last November I chose to throw my hat into the group, and participate in the "Original" Art & Soul Fatbook for Hampton. It has been challenging. You must know, I have never really journaled, collaged or "fatbooked" before; so this was becoming a little more than I could chew. I'd walk away, close my eyes & dream on the bus (okay I was really sleeping), draw & doodle at luchtime, breaktime and all-the-time. I knew I could do it. The night before last, it finally happened~the idea came together. Thank you Lord.
I knew it had to start with color. Color makes me happy, and how could I not get color from the theme, "By the Sea?" All the beautiful colors I'd gathered this past couple of months, in fibers, threads, beads, paints, tags, pearls, crystals, pens, papers & wire; had finally stopped dancing round & round in my head & and landed onto my little 4" x 4" piece of painted watercolor paper. I now can see & hold one in a pair of very thankful hands. (Only 39 more to go.....) Hallelujah!


Anonymous said...

My goodness ... bring tears to my eyes this early in the mornin'!

Precious post! Precious thoughts. Precious photo.
No doubt ... your fat scrap will be just as precious!
Love you ... and very proud of you!

And, thank you for incorporating Jason's brilliant version of Hallelujah. For anyone who watches ... you should click right to see Jeff Buckley's version, as well. Absolutely AMAZING.

Anita said...

My creativity is buried so deep I haven't seen it in months... this makes me long to have it back! I remember the "ah-ha" moments when it all falls into place... I can feel your emotions in this post...

(I've never watched American Idol, but his version of the song is beatiful...)

kansasrose said...

Beautiful post from a beautiful person! It looks like you have the glow going...from what I can see the colors, materials and crafting is extrordinary! YOU GO GIRL! God bless!

A bird in the hand said...

Are you having fun?? What a happy happy post! xoxo

Chris said...

Ohhhh this is a great post. I really relate to "chewing" over a design, an idea or whisp in your mind everywhere you go until it blossoms into a creation...

How wonderful AND lots of work this will be. Bless you, my creative friend!

kansasrose said...

Just checking in...DH will be traveling to Dallas this weekend. Wish I could go...farm duty calls. I have maternity watch. :O :/ Thinking of you...and praying always. Have a blessed weekend hon! Love, Jen

Sis said...

I am a "creative lurker" hahahaha - I have no skill, except for maybe photography and a little cooking - but I long to be artsy-creative like you!

Can you post the finished product?

Apryl said...

lovely post. lovely blog too..

Thank you for visiting my blog and signing up for the vitage swap I will email you very soon.
I don't have a journal or ever heard of a fatbook before, all i have are a random assortment of notebooks that i doodle and scribble thoughts down in my serial killer handwritting.

dawn said...

(mel, i love jeff buckley, too!)

i love this post...and i am still waiting for my mountain laurels bloom. we are late bloomers around here. :)

Anonymous said...

lovely post Diane. But now you must tell us how you make one of those fat 4 x 4's :) ... please.

Diane too