Tuesday, March 25, 2008

RV Trip to La Grange

~Things I loved about the Easter weekend~
1. Andre's dried sausage & T.C.'s spicy crackers * 2. Tomb at The Monument Hill 3. Kreische Home Smokehouse 4. Ruins of the Kreische's Brewery
Loads of Texas Bluebonnets outside of La Grange.
(I grew up just 23 miles from this beautiful Texas town).
This colorful sign in town caught my eye. (History of The Chicken Ranch found here).
But, no general store to be found!
~ And, when I returned home Sunday, I finished ~
My box of Art & Soul Fatbook 4x4's went out the door on Monday!

Thank you Lord for such a beautiful weekend with my husband, and family!
*Spicy Cracker Recipe
1 box Saltine Crackers
Mix well:
1 pkg. Ranch Salad Dressing Mix, plain or buttermilk
Crushed Red Pepper, (to your taste)
Dash of Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning, optional
1-1/3 c. Canola Oil
Place crackers in large container w/tight lid (ex: large glass or plastic pickel jar). Sprinkle mixture over crackers and close lid. Turn over and over until thoroughly coated. Let sit, but continue to turn over about every 15-20 minutes. Ready when oil has been absorbed. Thanks TC~Enjoy!


Anita said...

Your pictures are fabulous... makes me want to come to Texas!!

Thanks for that recipe... sounds yummy!

Daryl said...

Fabulous photos .. and that receipe sounds yummy ..

Anonymous said...

Wow, what fab photos in that mosaic. So pleased to hear that your rv trip was so wonderful!

Your fat 4 x4 is absolutely gorgeous, and colourful. Sure hope you'll one day share how to make something like that ... a simple how-to post maybe

Diane too

Chris said...

Yay Diane! Your fatbooks are on their way! Yahoo!
I loved these pics--got a feeling for a fun day that you had.
Love you!

dawn said...

that recipe looks so interesting.

Anonymous said...

hey diane...
this is making me sooooooooo homesick...i'll be there after artfest...cannot wait...bluebonnets hang on! enjoy your photos of home.

Calamity Jane said...

Your Bluebonnets are very similar to our Lupins ... cousins I suspect ...?