Monday, January 21, 2008

a big white TEXAS moon in gruene

One of my life's greatest pleasures is spending time with my Melanie. This past Saturday night, we ate dinner at the Gruene River Grill in Gruene. It was one of the most beautiful cold winter nights in Texas; and the food at the grill was delicious. Look at that moon in the background!
we also did a little of this, part of the weekend,
~*thank you Uncle Albert*~
To invent, you need a good pile of junk and an imagination ~ Albert Einstein

Mel's journal from Red Rock Canyon is on top of mine in above pic. She's making it as a gift for the friend she went there with. She is thoughtful like that.*smile*
Mine is in the top picture, and also under hers above. It is the colobrative journal I received as a gift from my friend, kansasrose , last October. I used stamps (look dawn~do you see the one I bought from you?), transfers, card stock and journal papers and not any junk! It was the best feeling to be able to spend time with Mel. She and I journaled ~ for the very first time. It's the beginning of a long and joyous new-found passion for the both of us. *smile*
Thanks Melanie, for spending time with me this past weekend. Listening to music, talking about nothing & everything. Laughing hysterically, watching the worst movie ever, being my personal chef and driving me around town like I was Miss Daisy.
But most of all ~ for being my daughter. Love ya~


Anonymous said...

I love you! And I loved our time together too!
I'm so proud of you. Thank you for motivating me. You're my inspiration!
Know what else I luv??? My new Christmas Freshwater Pearl Swings. They are LOVELY!

Anita said...

Great post... Love your creativity!

kansasrose said...

Rejoicing for the both of you! Your time together is so precious...the friendship! What a great post dear Diane! This beautiful Texas mom and daughter team have the journal bug! LOVE it! GO GIRLS!!!! xxxooo