Wednesday, January 23, 2008

playing in photoshop & letting go

*finally played in photoshop (which i received for Christmas). i have lots of ideas floating around in this movie*star head and this picture is one part**more to come*
i originally had not planned on going to the International Gem & Jewelry Show this month, but decided I needed just a few more pendants. I came home with these beautiful snakeskin agate beads & pendants. I added some karen hill tribe silver and just a few cocco beads to pull out the gorgeous brown tones. I wanted to use just the natural stones ~ pure and simple.
this choker is made with czech crystals & karen hill tribe silver discs. these beads caught my eye because they have a unique watercolor look to them. a faceted mix of smokey gray, olive green and rusty brown. maybe what you see when you add oil to water.
these will be going to my etsy shop this weekend, as i have signed up for 2 main showcases~february 3rd & 7th.
and, just one more of my original katy prairie necklaces. made with smooth smokey quartz briolettes and a teardrop shaped blushful green jasper pendant.
this one is hard to let go of ~ *sigh*


kansasrose said...

I love that pic of you!:)This is great. Can't wait to see how you use the photoshop in your creative hands hon! The new jewelry is beeeeutiful. That green makes me swoon...xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Have fun with Photoshop...and those necklaces are so pretty!!! I wish I could spend more time with my mother...your Melanie is lucky!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely! I see you've been busy since the bead show!

The Artful Eye said...

These necklaces are stunning and the pic of you in your crowning glory. Don't you love PS.?