Sunday, January 27, 2008

stretching my wings

I joined a photo very early this morning I ventured outside, in the fog, and took a few pictures. It was cold~cold for Texas. But, the rain has quit (for awhile), and it was crisp and cool.
~So here is the lowdown on the swap~
Megan, at
The Scent of Water, is hosting the swap, and the theme is "Simplicity". I would share the picture I chose, but can't just yet (one above is not it). Not until I send it off to my recipient, who lives in Mississippi. Another totally different person will send a swap photo to me; as Megan made it like a chain, instead of swap partners~very clever. She takes some gorgeous pictures, and her blog is a very cool read. Be sure and check her out.
Went to see The Bucket List this afternoon with my DH, sister, and her DH. I highly recommend it. If you haven't seen it or the previews, you have to know Jack Nickolson and Morgan Freeman are the stars. Don't want to give away too much, but a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. So, what would be on your bucket list? I will noodle on mine, and post it next time~
In the meanwhile, if you want to send me your bucket list, I will post them here next Monday a week (photos are encouraged). Please send your list to my e-mail address. On Monday, February 4th at 2pm cst, I will pick one name; and send you a little surprise gift. I will contact you for your address.
Have a blessed week!


kansasrose said...

What a fun post! Beautiful pic of your Texas foggy morning hon! I love the relationship between the fence and the spider web. Sounds like a fun swap to be involved in. I have to go see that movie! Let's bucket list. This will take some major noodling! ( what does noodling mean? is this a south Texas word for thinkin' with the noodle-brain? HA I like that!) What kind of photos do ya want with the list hon? Pics of our dreams? Ourselves? Should it be G-PG or R rated?lol btw the boots RAWK!!! baaaaby...they look to have a pearlized finish to the black leather and the stitching on those pups is exquisite! My dream boot is the Luccese! Dang they are so fine! You did good my friend, real good. Bustillos stamp of approval! Congrats to your DH! The dude has put in the you both need to do some travel and partah DOWN! xxxooo

Chris said...

Cool photo, even if this isn't the one for the swap. "Bucket List"...hmmmm. I should ruminate on this one.

Thanks for sharing Megan's blog...pretty wonderful.

Bless you!

Anita said...

WOW!!! So much going on! Great post!
I've been wanting to see that movie for so long... did a post with a youTube preview on it just last month...:)
Noodling around here means fishing for catfish by hand... lol
This swap sound really cool... I will look into it! Love your web photo... I have a few web photos that I love, but I love the similarity of the web and fence!

dawn said...

i love that photo, diane.

Anonymous said...

One of your daughter's bucket list items is ... to write a song.
You know how much I adore words, poetry, and the art of communicating.
It'll be a love song. to our Savior. to praise, worship and thank him. for you! and all.
This will happen ... if I can stop listening to these guys, and their hearts, long enough ... !