Wednesday, May 11, 2011

etched & layered

"Emerald Lady"
Etched & Layered
 In preparation for my Etched & Layered class, 
(and three more times after this one)
I finished my newest cuff last night.
I find myself trying to catch my breath as I think about seeing old friends 
and meeting new ones.  I will be in Fullerton in just over a week, 
where I will teach two classes~one being Etched & Layered. 
I will be at Gilding the Lily on Saturday, May 21st.
(I will be teaching Heart Strings there on May 22nd).
I am excited about finally meeting Nancy and Dede and so many other beautiful ladies.
Many I have only talked to online.
I do confess, 
I am constantly on the lookout for vintage rhinestone brooches, ear clips, 
shoe buckles and vintage buttons.  
I probably have more than you can imagine.
But, when I saw this one sitting in one of the vendor's cases at my local antique shop,  
I immediately knew I wanted it.
Now I know for sure it was worth every penny.
The best part of "Emerald Lady" (for me) is the gorgeous brass piece behind the Ruiz Studios 1920s brooch.  It is one that Jill, at Brass Bouquet, named "Diane".
I thought this was a beautiful piece of filigree the moment I saw it.
Thank you Jill for such a beautiful honor.
And don't forget, 
if you are on the east coast, registration is now open for ArtBLISS
where I will be teaching Etched & Layered on September 24th.

I am sprinting past today only slowing down for tomorrow - diane =)


steufel said...

Oh Diane, another cuff that is to die for!

Barbara Lewis said...

This IS beautiful! Sounds like you've got a full teaching schedule. Isn't it funny how retirement has changed for our generation? LOL

Chris said...

Luscious cuff! I loved Barbara's comment about retirement. You are happily zipping about in a constant state of creation, class-organization, article-writing, traveling and teaching. Wonder Woman!!!!

Laura Twiford said...

Gorgeous cuff, that brooch really sets it apart!

Daryl said...

Gorgeous .. I wish I was a cuff person ... and it sure doesnt sound like retirement to me .. :-)

Charlene said...

I LOVED taking the Etched & Layered Class last year! I NEED to get busy & do some more pieces because they are amazing! I'm working on a post about you today. Hope to get it done... Where does time go? HUGS!

Cindy said...

Diane, I am so in awe every time I see another new Etched and Layered piece. This one is incredibly beautiful. It's so fascinating how you've taken a vintage brooch, straight from an antiques shop showcase, and created something new and wonderful with it!
How sweet of Jill to name this new brass piece with your name. Diane! So fitting as you always do her components justice (and more) in your jewelry. Best of luck getting ready for your trip to CA....I know there's so much to do to prepare.
I can't wait til you hit the road later in the year and finally come OUR way!

JoAnn said...

Love these Diane!
You will absolutely LOVE Nancy & Dede, and Gilding the Lily!! Although I'm not signed up to take your workshop, I understand you will be at the trunk show, and I wouldn't miss it. I look forward to meeting you :) See you there. j