Tuesday, May 10, 2011

dreaming of dancing

When I was a little girl I watched the Carol Burnett Show religiously.
It was one of the best variety shows wasn't it?
What I loved most about it were the dancers!
Remember, all the shows had them back when.
I confess, I wanted to be one of them. 
The Ernie Flatt Dancers!
Really, was that their name??  Yes, I had to look it up =)
They would effortlessly spin together light as air on the dance floor.
I dreamed of twirling around and dancing with my partner on a stage like that!
To be part of a dance troupe on TV.
Oh, what funny dreams I had.
I guess Dancing with the Stars fills that empty gap today.
Not for me, as it is certainly not the same.
I have been working on finished a couple new classes this week,
this being one.
This cuff was cut and etched out of a gorgeous piece of red brass 
I had etched almost 2 years ago.
It sports a forged, stamped & oxidized nickel silver heart,
with a tiny window letting you see into "my heart".
One that longed to dance on a TV stage!
Yes, I dance.  But, not like they danced.  
I have danced since I was 6, when I began tagging along with my mother & father
to country dances in old German dance halls.  You must dance if you are from Texas!
Especially the part of Texas I was born & raised.
Today I still feel a deep stir inside my soul when I hear a beautiful waltz, 
AND even a polka.  
I probably always will....
 Just let me dance.
And when I do, let it be with heart ~ diane =)


Lisa said...

beautiful piece Diane... I really love the sheet music lining.. exceptional!

Barbara Lewis said...

Beautiful! The etched metal that's two years old has been waiting for you to retire! :-)

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh my Gosh Lady Dy,

Carol&Vicky were my favorite two women on TV!!! Oh and what fun the weekend dances at the different Grange Halls were!! It's sad that it's a tradition that doesn't happen much if at all these days:(

What fun your new class will be. you have truly become a master artist with your etched cuffs!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Charlene said...

Honey I have 2 left feet... NO rythem & I'm about 2 inches taller than my hubby... I DON'T DANCE! But, I sure wish I could. HUGS!

stregata said...

Love the cuff, Diane!

steufel said...

What a wonderful cuff, Diane. Simply gorgeous,

Laura Twiford said...

Beautiful cuff Diane, I especially love the way you peeled back the part of the heart to reveal the words, very clever!

Chris said...

Diane~~I LOVE this cuff! I LOVE the way you etched & sawed & textured and pounded and resined and made something so beautiful!!!!
I am clumsy...not really graceful. I've always longed to be be "light on my feet", but to no avail. We square danced in fourth grade! Joel Nessa was my partner and I had such a crush on him~~And since I'm half Czech and half Polish, you better believe I love polkas! :-)

What a fun post!

Cindy said...

Diane, what a beautiful cuff! And I love the story behind it...

Daryl said...

LOVE it ...

And last nite as we flipped channels ToonMan paused at Dancing with the Stars to watch a precision group that I didnt 'get' but he adored

Alice said...

I loved the Carol Burnett show too! They don't make them like that anymore. And don't laugh, but our family watched the Lawrence Welk show every Sunday. Now those people could sing and dance like nobody's business!

Your cuff is just gorgeous!I love the sheet music on the underside--very clever. Will you keep this one to yourself? It would be very difficult to part with.

Linda Sadler said...

Hi, Diane-Your newest design is beautiful! Love it!
Linda in Beaufort

Anonymous said...

Diane, that cuff is simply GORGEOUS! Love-Love-Love it. And Carol Burnett Show was my favorite as well - especially Tim Conway and the hilarious skits. They just don't "make 'em like they used to" as they say.

sandi m said...

Beautiful! Too bad it isn't 'reversible' - love the sheet music.
Funny how some elements sit and then one day like magic you make magic....

Suz said...

That is wonderful, Diane. A whole story of you in it!
You know, my google reader shows another entry ahead of this (a beautiful brooch bracelet) but when I go from my site or press on your site from Google reader, I can't see it...Darn...it is totally lovely!
A hug from Syz

Anonymous said...

LOVEd your class at NANCY'S TODAY. So glad I found you and had the pleasure of your company and your great instruction!! I too, wanted to be a dancer, only a Gold Digger from the Dean Martin show!! xo

Carol said...

When I was little, I always wanted to be a dancer on the Carol Burnett show, too! So now, in my 50's, I have taken up clogging, and when I dance with my group, I feel like I'm one of the Ernie Flatt dancers! (Well, kind of!)