Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage Ear Bobs

This cold join connection is probably my most favorite to use on my etched cuffs.
"Dancing Queen"
Along with using vintage ear bobs
I don't call them clips.  I call them bobs.
I most likely call them bobs because of my aunt Susie.  She wore beautiful ear bobs.
Her name was actually Josie, like my grandmother's....but, the family called her Susie.
She was beautiful.  Just like my grandmother.
When I was little, we would go into Houston where she lived.
Once when I was probably about seven years old, we went to visit.
At that time she was living in an apartment above a grocery store.  
In her kitchen was a booth-like nook....early sixties-style. 
I had never seen anything like it.   
It was there...that particular time that I ate my first powdered do-nut.
I didn't know what to think as I popped them in my mouth, 
and they just melted away.  I thought they were the best thing I had ever eaten!
We never ate anything like that at home.  And, you know what...never did.
My mother did would not buy them.
Yep, ear bobs.  They don't have a thing to do with do-nuts.
But, then again....maybe they do.


stregata said...

Your cuffs just keep getting more and more incredible, Diane!
And such sweet memories you shared - donuts and bobs...
Have a great Sunday!

Chris said...

I just love the word "bob" has more energy!
These cuffs are gorgeous~~
Powdered donuts...they were an amazing treat!

Margo said...

Wonderful post Diane! And the cuff is gorgeous, as usual!!! You rock!

sharon said...

Soooo beautiful Diane!

Charlene said...

Beautiful!!!!! Once again stunning!!!! And I think Ear Bobs was a "southern" saying. Or maybe just a saying of that time. And as for the powder sugar donuts... I ADORE THEM! And I buy more than I should! It is one of my guilty pleasures to sit in my chaise lounge in the morning with a cup of coffee, a new magazine & a whole bag of those donuts. Have fun in California! HUGS!

one-eared pig said...

Gorgeous, as always!

Lisa said...

love your style Diane..the mix of metals and bling is so stunning and unique!

Suz said...

What a good story, Diane. I love people's floating thoughts! You are fast becoming "The Queen of Cuffs"!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous cuffs and a lovely story. thanks for sharing.

Daryl said...

Love that memory, thanks for sharing .. and the cuffs, ah if only I wore cuffs ..

Cindy said...

Diane, your two cuffs are both so beautiful and each have their own personality. I love the mix of rhinestones and filigree. And your Aunt Susie sounds like one special lady - to think you never forgot after all of these years where you had your 1st powdered donut! I sure can't remember where I had mine. But then again, I've had way too many donuts over the years! :-)

connie said...

they are beautiful!!
i am so sad that i will not be able to attend guilding the lily... life has been crazy good! always love reading your posts!
enjoy your time in california!

Jen Crossley said...

Your work always moves me stunning what can I say

Lily's Lace said...

I love all of it! I put a piece on my facebook that I'd love to have!!! Oh by the way....could you be in any more magazines!!! I need helpful hints on getting published, we need to talk big time!!!! Love your site, miss not seeing you!

PS if you ever saw my collection of "ear bobs" you'd either faint or hit me over the head and take off with my collection!-xoxoxoxo-cin

Lovey said...

Oh wow Diane! Absolutely the most beautiful cuffs ever! Oh how I love them!

Kay Ellen said...

Oh my goodness I love all your sparkle!

I still have not been to Guilding the Lily!? It is only 30 minutes away from me...
Seems I need more time to play and create...looks like a fab class you taught this weekend :)

Kay Ellen

Gift Ideas said...

They look beautiful and have an old world charm.The colors are so enticing to the eyes.Looks like very antique jewelry with intricate and detailed works.

Stephani Gorman said...

Hi Diane,
Love your beautiful cuffs and the chance to see some of your lovely work in person!
Sweet lady & fun!
Hugs, Stephani

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces!

Unknown said...

These are just so beautiful Diane. Love your style!

mom4life said...

My grandma always said "ear bobs" but it came out as "year bobs". I never knew where it came from.