Tuesday, November 23, 2010


:adolph & josie:
This is a picture that includes my mother's father and mother.
They stand together on the right side of this photo.
Before two weeks ago, I had never even seen this picture.
I absolutely love it.
The only picture I have of my grandmother when she was young, is the one you see up on  the right top corner of my blog header.
This picture is an example of everything I love about old pictures and cabinet cards.
It has that look that only vintage pictures have about them.
That eerie dark pearly glow.  
Yes, this picture fits the bill perfectly.
It is not faded, but is still crisp and clear.
But, I am the one who always wants to know more.   More about the details.
Like, how old are my grandparents here?
I e-mailed back, asking my second cousin who shared it with me, 
"Do you know any details about this photo?"
"Sorry"...she said.  
The only thing her mother told her, is that it was the other couple's wedding day. 
Oh, well...it really doesn't matter.
What does matter, is that I now have it in my possession.
I am so thankful. 
So as I begin to take a closer look at the photo.  I stare at their feet.   
I look at their shoes. 
They look like they have walked a many a mile don't they?  
All except my grandmother's.
Did you notice how two of the four are curling their feet?
I notice things like that.
Always have.
My cousin sent one more picture.
The description:  
"Josie on Grandpa Charlie's buggy".
I have no clue who Grandpa Charlie might be, as he is not my Grandpa...
or my Great-Grandpa.
Thankfulness floods my soul.  
My eyes begin to burn, and I try not to cry.
My Grandmother has been gone for over 23 years.
I don't think I ever heard her complain.  If she did, I do not remember.
I miss her.  
I am thankful ....
I have these pictures.
Thankful I had a Grandmother who loved me, and I her.  
Yes, thankful.


Gail said...

Great pictures, I love the way your Grandma has her hand on her hip in that first picture..shows just a little bit of her personality, which is usually not seen in pictures of this age.
Thanks for sharing it.....

Diana said...

My goodness they married young those days of ode. Your grandparents look so very sweet. I, too, would treasure such a photo. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, Diane.

Debbie said...

Those pictures are amazing. I love it when I come across a picture of my grandmother I have never seen before, it's like meeting her for the first time. It does bring up a lot of unanswered questions. I like to guess what or why they took that particular picture. What it ment to them, put myself in their place at that age and so on. I'm so glad that you have been able to meet your grandmother once more. Be well x0x0


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh what sweet pics and memories! You are right, if only you knew more. They look so young in the pics, probably not more than 16 wouldn't you think. I too love and collect old pics and often wonder what happened to the people in them. Happy Thanksgiving!!

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

You are indeed blessed, with photos and with a love that is precious. I hope my grands will remember me with the kind of fondness and fire that you have for your sweet grandmother. The Olde Bagg

Unknown said...

The photos are amazing. You are lucky to have these pictures of your family members. I am still trying to locate any pictures of my grandparents but I have not been as lucky as you have. Thanks for sharing I enjoyed them very much.

Alice said...

I love old photos, even if they are not of my family. The always have a story to tell.

They look so young. And is it possible that your grandmother is on her tippy-toes?

Charlene said...

THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF A GRANDMOTHER! They usually don't have to raise you. They can spoil you & do things that are fun & wonderful. You are blessed to have had her. As I was blessed to have mine. Speaking of blessing... I consider you one my sweet friend. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

VS said...

OMG...You're makin me cry girl!!! I LOVE Grandma too.
I am soooo very happy for you having this picture now to add to all your other family memories, I adore it.
You know what I think, they look so very young!
I can't wait to see what magic you make with these images, I just know it will be priceless!

stregata said...

Thanks for sharing these very special photos. I just can't get over the fact that it is a wedding photo - they look like children.

Daryl said...

Family photos are so very special ... as are the memories they provoke and the questions they raise ... happy thanksgiving. I am thankful you are a part of my life!

Chris said...

Diane, I saw this picture yesterday when I was at work. I kept peeking at my droid phone to see your Grandmother's beautiful face. Her eyes are beautiful. Direct. Honest. Strong. I love the way you pointed out the shoes! So your family was of good, plain, honest stock. No ritzy foo foo stuff!
I understand your excitement in seeing this. I agree that tears are appropriate~~I'm glad you had a grandmother who loved you and inspired you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cindy said...

Diane, what a treasure! After all of these years, to find an unseen picture is so very amazing. This picture is captivating. Your Grandparents are a striking couple, so young and expressive ...and I just love the flowers in your Grandmother's hair! When I first glanced at this picture I knew you were related when I saw her eyes. My Grandmother has been gone for 21 years now and I can so relate to your words. Grandmothers are our angels. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen Crossley said...

What a wonderful Picture,I just love it.Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving we dont celebrate it in Oz but I wish you happiness.

connie said...

what a beatiful post... I loved the pictures and yes I too looked right at the feet thinking 1 pair to last months maybe years and yet your grandmother had white dress shoes how special she must have felt... I cannot believe how much you look like her instantly I knew she was your grandmother. I too loved my grandmother and she me, my daughter and I went through old photos last we could have sat there forever laughing, story telling and loving the moment, but alas we were being called down for dessert! hoing you and yours had a blessed and thankful day.

The Joy of Nesting said...

Lady Dy,

It's always a wonderful blessing to find little pictorial photos of our family history. Don't you find it a bit amazing that for some of us these become some of our most prized possessions, while for others they represent nothing more then a trip to the thrift store?? It's always a bit sad to me.

One small suggestion, I'm sure you have already done, take a bit of time and identify folks, and facts you know in your photos. It's such a thoughtful gift we can give our children. From experience I know we never think to ask those questions until it's to late to find out.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan mx.

Stacie said...

They look like kids playing dress up! What a beautiful grandmother though...wow, what an amazing gift that is to receive. My grandmother has been gone for 7 years...and I think of her every day. Especially as I am getting older and I look down at my feet (funny what we notice) and realize how much my feet look like hers did. Or when I see a pic of me and all I see is her nose and mouth ...I think we all have so much to be thankful for....love this moment you shared with us all...very, very poignant and super interesting....

brandi said...

~diane...what a beautiful gift to truly be thankful for...finding such treasures that connect us to our past is an overwhelming blessing...the details so many miss yet your eyes see...i too remember my grandmother in the same manner and always share such with my family..may your ♥ always feel the l♥ve shared between you two...remember her always for that is what keeps her spirit alive!!!

and you my dear...what a challenge you had created...this took all of me to try and create a piece for this...i am thankful for the process as when i was ready to give up...i kept looking at my grandmotehrs pieces and saying to myself she would never stop...she would have finished anything she had started...so i thank you from the bottom of my ♥...i know it does not match up to all the unbelievably talented jewelry makers...including yourself...but it is made with l♥ve and i think in the end thats what matters most...you know!?!


i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and life is being only kind in yoru day to day...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours always and thank you again for creating this challenge~

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Diane, what wonderful, sweet photos you received. What a gift, so hold in your hand, your history. If only they could talk. I have nothing of my grandmothers, both of them. Not even a photo. Enjoy those stories they "tell" you. Hugs, Riki PS- I notice the "little" things too like the curled feet!

Lovey said...

Oh wow Diane what a blessing to have these in your possession. These are beautiful.