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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Roses and Rustics

 Last week I was contacted by Jane Zavala, 
proprietress for a shop called Roses and Rustics in Nolensville, Tennessee.
First of all, the name of her shop alone caught my attention.
Then, as I perused her blog, I saw things I love.
Long story short, I will definitely find my way to her shop one day, 
but in the meantime a few of my Crystal Princess Drop necklaces are now for sale there!
The ones below are still with me,
and are for sale at $42, 
which includes one of my gift boxes.

are also at her shop.
Two on the right below are the ones I still have 
and did not make the trip to Tennessee =)
They have vintage text with a dash of German glitter.  
The girl at the top right has a piece of vintage rhinestone,
while the girl on the bottom right has a 
simple ♥ inside....for a bit of movement!
They are $46.
And, I also have these....
"Nature Watchfulls"
Little bees live inside 
(from Brass Bouquet).
They are $44.
The shipping is on me....this holiday season =)
Wishing you a blessed Friday!


Barbara Jean said...

Just found you. Love all!


barbara jean

Esther said...

Roses and rustic's, What a perfect name for your jewel's new house!!!!
All i see here is candy for eyes!!

Lori P said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous jewelry. I'm especially loving the bottom grouping.

Chris said...

Lovely lovely lovely! Your pieces, your photography...just makes my eyes fill with beauty. I love "Roses and Rustics"...your work is so desired~

Must get to Barnes & Noble and pick up the latest BAJ to see your article. Have a blessed Friday!

Charlene said...

GREAT!!!!!!!! Glad she contacted you & things are set up to be in her shop!!!! I know you are thrilled. Wish I could be with you & Melanie this weekend. GIVE HER BIG HUGS FROM AUNT CHARLENE!!!!
And Jake too! We didn't get down there to look at that property yet. Hubs is so busy working! You know how his work is... make hay while the sun shines! I MISS YOU!!!! HUGS!

brandi said...

~how exciting...may the road continue to rise to meet you and present you with new journies that lie waiting for you and your jewelry!!! so many magical sparkling bits you have created...each unique and true to the style of your ♥ and mind...just beautiful...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

beautifullybrokenme said...

What a wonderful shop - just perfect for your gorgeous artwork!

:-) Molly

Daryl said...

I am wearing my Queen Bee right now and got 3 compliments on it just today!

romantic decay said...

Your necklaces are beautiful, and the boxes are way cool. Did you make them yourself?

Cindy said...

Diane, how exciting to be contacted by a shop out of state! I agree, Roses and Rustics looks like an incredible place, right up my alley. I love your crystal drop and watchfull necklaces - they are vintage inspired jewelry at their finest!

VS said...

Sweet Diane...
Your work is just taking off like a shooting star....I am so excited for you & what the future holds!
You know I'm one of your greatest fans!!!
Love you,

Lovey said...

Oh these are splendid! Hugs to you my friend.

Jen Crossley said...

our a wonderful artist and deserve this all.Well done,your work is stunning

The Joy of Nesting said...

As always Lady Dy,

Your creations are nothing short of sublime romantic beauty!!

Oh and I have to sneak over and visit Roses&Rustic!! You have my curiosity up!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Diane ~
I just love your art creations they make my heart sing! Do you have any romancing the cuff bracelets for sale? If so I am interested so please send me info please. Congrats on your new outlet and the the magazine publication. That is one of my most favorite ones! Simply beautiful work!
Joyfully yours ~ Katie

Charlene said...

THNAK YOU for the sweet words about Elle the Elf! Her Daddy is smitten. HUGS!