Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a class with mary hetts

I had the privilege of taking a class with Mary Hettmansperger about a week ago at Wired Designs Studio in San Antonio.
It could not have been more convenient, or more FUN!
It was one very full day, learning her method of working with 
metal & wire.  
I decided I did not have to finish the project, 
but instead focus on the process of:
:wire weaving:
When I signed up for class, I also asked my great friend Charlene to join me, knowing she would love be exposed to the torch!  Right Charlene??  LOL.
Mary was so patient, and really took so much time with each and everyone of us.
That's the beauty of a small class, as we had less than ten that particular day.
After it was all said and done, Charlene left class as a master with fire!
"two peas in a pod"
Lookie what Charlene designed with us in mind, 
using the techniques Mary taught in class.
While in San Antonio, Mary taught four days of classes~two mixed metal (which we took) and two mixed metal and clay~all were FULL.
She has a great new book, which was released earlier this year.
Charlene and I had a great time together, staying with my daughter while in San Antonio.
The next day we traveled to a restaurant that Charlene loves and had suggested.
If you ever have the opportunity, you really should try it, as it is just gorgeous and full of San Antonio history, great food and MORE!
This was the home of C.H.Guenther, the founder of 
Pioneer Flour Mills, built in 1860.
And, where you can find goodies such as these!
Pecan Nut Rolls
Which sold out way before we even ate breakfast that morning. 
What fun we had!
I was go glad Melanie came along with us.
It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend =)
 BTW....just in case you didn't know, this is how snowmen look in Texas!  


Chris said...

Oooooo you two look like you had so much fun! How amazing to play with enameling and wire weaving. I can't wait to see how you take her techniques and apply them in your own romantic unique way.
Fun to see Melanie too. :-)
I loooove your photographs. I feel like I've peeked into your weekend in a magical way. Love!

Barbara Lewis said...

What a great workshop! Fun projects! Wonderful friends! And someone ate all of the pecan rolls to save you the calories!

Alice said...

Looks like it was a fun workshop! And even better that you were there with friends. I'd love to be able to do something like this.

VS said...

My 2 favorite people, in one of my favoritest towns, playing jewelry...I'd have been in heaven!!! And a chance to meet your daughter, what fun you all had & the peas in a pod is so cute, I LOVE it!!!
I miss you friend!!! When y'all coming my way???
Big Hugs,

Fanciful Expressions said...

Oh that looks like so much fun. I didn't realize that Mary had a new book come out. I think I have to get my hands on it.
Can't wait to see what you do with the things your learned from her. I'll be looking forward to something beautiful coming from your hands.

stregata said...

A workshop with Mary Hetts - that has to be fantastic and it looks as though it was. I have her books and she is so inspiring.
BTW, just wondering - do you ever get enough snow in TX to make snowmen? ? ?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Diane, I am so JEALOUS! Those classes were fantastic. I hope you can teach us some of that in your classes soon? Love it.

brandi said...

~good morning...what a creatoive nourishing weekend you had...i l♥ve the pieces you two created...metal working is fascinating to me...i still try here and there to inspire my husband to create...he used to be a welder but a few years ago moved into a supervisor position...i miss the llittle trinkets he would bring home...may have to pick up her book and just give it a try myself!!! wishing you well and blessings always upon you~

Daryl said...

Oh I am in love with the pea pods .. is it a pin? Would you make me one? I am such a Diane addict!!!!!!

sharon said...

How wonderful to take this class with your friend, and Mary! I have worked my way thru her book, but nothing like the real deal! Your photos look like an awesome great time!

Cindy said...

What a DREAM retreat....attending a class with a friend, with a reknowned instructor, and seeing your daughter! I bet it ranked right up there as one of your favorite weekends! Looks like you learned many wonderful techniques! And my those pecan rolls look as big a a pie, which is what I thought they were! How could they sell out that fast? People line up early in the morning?? They must be good! I hope you found a suitable substitute. :-)

mairedodd said...

what a fabulous time! a terrific workshop and friends... i love the pieces that were created... they are wonderful... i have to get her second book...
sorry about the pecan rolls - they look delish... :0)
to add your daughter into the mix makes it the most memorable i am sure...

amy~the gypsy chick said...

that class looks like great fun! i must confess that in the 9 years that i have lived here in san antonio, i have never eaten at the guenther house, but i hear that it is amazing!

i am glad that you had sure a fun time!



Ragamuffin Gal said...

Hello Diane!
Those pecan rolls look delicious as does your whole adventure! I would love to know more about your romancing the cuff class, please tell. Always a joy to visit you!

Stacie said...

Wowzer!! What a great weekend that must have been. I ADORE Mary's style and eat up her books as they come out...her wire weaving looks like fun, but I don't know if my fat, heat calloused fingers can do it...glad you are using fire more...it is hard to put away once you gain its favor!!!

Diana said...

Looks like you two had a great time. So funny, Riki and I along with two others from our art group just signed up for two classes with Mary H here in Ca in February. We are really looking forward to it. Love your projects.

Pretty Things said...

That looks like an amazing class and an amazing time!!!!

Sharon said...

What a lovely group of ladies creating wonderful jewelry together~ glad you had a special weekend with your favorite gals!

Riki Schumacher said...

Wow, what a great weekend!! Oh I wish I was there for all the fun, and the pecan rolls, yum yum yum yum yum!! Diana, Stephanie, Susan and I are all going to take a class from her in Feb. Look forward to it. Glad the class was a blast, and to be with Charlene, too fun. Miss you. Hugs, Riki

Charlene said...

I missed this post for some reason & Joann called me tonight & said it looked like fun & she liked my pea pod. I had to come back & see what you said. I was so shocked & honored! IT WAS A GREAT WEEKEND!!!! I can't wait until you retire & we can have LOTS MORE!!!!!!!!! We are TWO PEAS IN A POD!!!!!!!! I feel so blessed to call you my seceret sister! Love you sweetie! Oh, Joann wants to come down to take either your heart string class or the one of the other ones! It would be fun for all of us to be together again wouldn't it? HUGS! Charlene