Thursday, October 28, 2010

it's a jeep thing

My husband could not wait to get our grandson his first Jeep, so last Saturday he did!
Once Alton learned he could reach the pedal, it was off to the races.
  Going forward was a bit easier than learning how to put in into reverse.
The tree in our backyard got in the way a time or two.
My daughter's chocolate lab, Jake, loved chasing them both around the yard.
I think Alton loved working the knobs more than driving.
 How do you like those seat belts?
It was a super great day!
 Alton....Jeep owner before 2!


Charlene said...

JUST NEEDS A MUSTACHE!!!!!!!!! How adorable is that! I know you enjoyed every minute of that day & have you pulled Grandpop out of the clouds yet?

I have had company for a week & we had sooooooooooooo much fun but, I am so far behind. In blog posting/reading, keeping up with my buddies, mail, invoicing for work, laundry, groceries... but, I'll do double duty now. We shopped, played & ate. Now I'm broke, behind & fatter..... Can't wait to see you next weekend. Can you believe it's almost here? HUGS!

Cindy said...

Diane, your blog redesign is fantastic...I love the 2-column format with the LARGER pictures.... so much better to see and appreciate the full glory of your beautiful pictures!
Alton is adorable. My goodness he's getting big. I love that one photo, the 4th I think, where you see that great action shot of your dog bolting forward! These sure brought smiles over here!

stregata said...

Oh, somebody has the Jeep-bug! Well, I guess it is never too early to learn about safe driving...
Sweet photos - I am sure you all had a great time!

Chris said...

Ahhhhh how super CUTE!!!! Alton is so dang cute! And the jeep~~you've gotta smile! I bet you were laughing like crazy when you saw him playing around. Your hubby is a spoilin' grampaw. :-) Which is what grandparents should do.
Super fun. Started Friday out with a big smile! Love you gal!

romantic decay said...

Grandchildren are the sooo fun . .

amy said...

How adorable Diane! My husband bought our son {age 3} a Ford truck for Christmas last year & he LOVES it. He will put his little tools in the back and say "bye... I'm off to work." but the funniest was the day that he went to the drive thru window by his play house & placed an order...{maybe that is a sign that we eat take out a little too much}

Alice said...

Alton is adorable! I just love kids when they are at the age where everything is still exciting, and everything they do is like a new adventure.

Daryl said...

I am in love with the expression on Alton's face in the first shot .. and Jake's looking like he's having a ball

Anonymous said...

Oh Diane, that brings back some very pleasant memories of my own grandson. We got him a Jeep when he was about 2 as well. He loved that thing so much, almost glued to it constantly and played with it until he was 5-6 years old. It was so much fun watching him. Your grandson is adorable.

Stephani Gorman said...

Hi Diane, I think my grandson is getting a Jeep like his dad's for Christmas! He is 2 1/2 so I guess he isn't too young to drive!!! LOL I am so glad to see they have seatbelts! Too cute! Hugs, Stephani

Fanciful Expressions said...

Alton is absolutely adorable! I can imagine the fun you all had watching him drive around in his wheels.

VS said...

I just want to nibble him up...he is soooo cute & looks like he's taking this drivin thing serious!!! LOL
How fun friend & when Grandpa gets a few extra bucks...can he buy me a Jeep too??? It can be little, it will be easier to find a parking space! lol
Hugs friend & have a HAPPY HALLOWEENIE!

connie said...

oh that face! he is beautiful!

Diana said...

What a handsome fellow Alton is! That jeep is a boy's dream gift I'm sure. I bet hubby loved going shopping for that. Great photos, Diane!!

Suz said...

Does this actually go, Dianne? I think I would hide in the house! What a cute little grandson! He looks like a little man!