Thursday, October 14, 2010

it's just me...

"Buttons & Bones"
Probably by now you realize I am not the shy type.  
Call it being a Texan.  
My mother's daughter.  
My father's "I never meet a stranger" side!
I've made a small group of skull earrings just in time for Halloween. 
Carved bone and oxidized crystal rondells, hung on a pair of my lovely oxidized sterling silver ear wires.
These have a delicious pair of vintage shoe buttons at the bottom!

And, as my dear friend Susie says....don't be ascared!
Oh, and here are two more with long vintage rhinestone dangles and one with shorter vintage rhinestone dangles.

Can you imagine hand-carving these little guys?
(If you likey any, just let me know here....they are $46 each....which includes shipping =)
p.s.texture compliments of one of my favorite Shadowhouse Creations!


mairedodd said...

these are fascinating - i love the juxtaposition of skulls and rhinestones... it makes them seem more genuinely antique... and the shoe buttons are adorable (love the color of them)...
really really great!

Riki Schumacher said...

HA! Love it Diane, too funny. I agree with MJ, love the combination. Kind of gives the skulls a "royal" flare! Riki xoxo

Anonymous said...

love them too! great designs!

VS said...

I'm ascared of your boney earrings!!! LOL No I'm not, I think they are GHOULISHLY fun!!!!
How are you doin sweet gal??? I MISS you, I really do!!!!
When are you coming to Cali for a visit with Allen??
Sunday is my last day in the shop, so tryinghard to get evrything outta there in the next few days...then I caan start makin some cool things too. I have some fun stuff i bought at the Festival I want to pull out & start playing with.
Hugs Friend,
Susie Q

Chris said...

How quirky and fun! Perfect for this time of year. Love the rustic skulls and the rhinestones. Love!

steufel said...

Cute little guys!

Suz said...

That is a very good combination. The buttons almost looks like horn to me...or the color of some horn...but they are buttons! Love the two colors together and the whole look!

Sharon said...

I can see them dancing in the moonlight...and I am not afeared!

Cindy said...

Diane, just love these! They are a neat departure from your usual work but yet have that vintage mark and are undoubtedly yours! What fun earrings to wear for Halloween or any time. :-)

VS said...

When you & Allen come out for a visit we will have to go to Disneyland together!!! We can buy grandbaby some cute toys from there until we can get him out here!
Smiles friend,

Esther said...

.Beautiful!!!I'm not afraid!
They look like 19th Century's princess pirate's earrings ...

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Well I just had to come by on the recomendation of Vintage Susie. I followed her on her adventures to the land of bluebonnets and fun stuff. i love her esthetic and if she says you're the bees knees, why then I need to follow you too. Hope you don't mind another mouthy broad in the mix.
Super weekend to a friend of a friend. Linda The Olde Bagg

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You designs are incredible and so very lovely!!! I especially love your "Romancing the Cuff" tell me more, tell me more!!! I cannot wait to see what you will do, design, and put in your Etsy store next!

Daryl said...

Oh you know I need the ones with the dangling 'diamonds'

your dear daughter, melanie said...

You should know, mamacita ... I was lookin' real close at one of your little skulls ... checkin' him out ... and BOO is right! He winked at me!!! LOL!! ;) These are *great*!! Love you!

Stephani Gorman said...

Pretty scary and really fun! :)